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  1. ¬°Buenisimo!! ¬°Viven los Vochitos! I think that Mexico is probably the only country in the world where the VW Type 1 is called a "Vocho" or "Vochito." Am I right?
  2. WOW! Great work! You are an inspiration. I have one question and you may think it's a silly one, but.... could you explain to us Americans, just how much money is a quid?
  3. I really HATE to appear ignorant (actually who likes to appear ignorant? lol) but you talk about soaking the body for 24 hours. Is this something that you need to do when working with resin? I've never worked with that stuff before.
  4. You could maybe come up with some Mary K decals for it, too. That would then explain the pink color. What do you think?
  5. This is SO cool! I really think that the up top looks like a top one might see on a Chris Craft or Shepherd mahogany runabout of about the same era.
  6. I know I know!! This is easy. Just send the entire pile of engines to me and I will choose for you. I'll send you back the one I think you should use.
  7. Be careful and don't break a blade. When the blade breaks, the sudden release in pressure can cause an accident and you could bleed all over the model, the instructions, the desk and maybe even your lap. It's not important how I know this.
  8. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! That kit is definitely on my TO-DO list!
  9. I have no medical issues whatsoever and the doctor says that I should live to be several hundred years old. I also have some land for sale. Ok, seriously, I had a heart attack in February that scared the dickens out of me. I've been on blood thinners and hypertension meds since then and I also have been weak as a kitten. I'm doing good to walk across the room without gasping for breath. Even when I am working on a model car, I can only go for about a half an hour before I'm so fatigued that i have to lie down and either sleep or try to just relax. However, everyday is a little better
  10. What did you lose? I did not know that there was anyone that had made a resin Hebmuller. I was actually planning on kitbashing somethings in an effort to try to make my own Heb body in 1/24 scale. But that was going to be a future project as I've got so many things going right now. So I have two questions: #1. Bill, will that Kubel chassis fit most other VW models? #2. How does a person develop a resin kit that no one else offers and yet, do so with the correct detail and dimensions? Actually, I've often wondered how the large model manufacturers do this as well. What is
  11. Me Too!! I definitely want to lay in a supply for both my current and future VW projects.
  12. ¬°Buenisimo! Viven los Vochitos.
  13. I love this!! It's also nice to see that you're running the heaters. While rodding around, one wouldn't want to get too cold.
  14. Yup. Patrick, your model engine looks very very similar to the engine I had in my 1969 1:1 Sedan. I was driving that car daily and drag racing it on weekends. The Webers on mine were 40 IDFs. I scored the carbs themselves from a guy that had run them on a Fiat. (Don't ask, I don't know how he did it.) Then I got the intake manifolds from Claude's Buggies (which is now CBPerformance) and my linkage was from Gene Berg. I don't have any old photos of that car but here are a couple of photos showing the Berg linkage. I really think that this linkage would not be difficult to model. I hav
  15. Thanks so much guys. There are some good ideas here. Ian Hobbis, I have to admit that I do not know what Evergreen rectangular bar is. When I was in Argentina a couple of years ago, I needed some JB Weld. There was absolutely no finding it. So I tried some epoxy that carried some brand name in Spanish that gave no clue to its make up. So I took a chance and, sure enough, when I opened it up it was the exact same thing as JB Weld. So maybe we have an American equivalent. Ok, I'm SO embarrassed. I googled Evergreen rectangular bar and Hey!! It's regular styrene. Que Verguenza!
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