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  1. Ah, I see now. For some reason I was thinking you meant cutting it from front to rear, couldn't see how that would work. Yes, this might work, but there is a lot of molded-in stuff on the chassis pan to be removed first. Then, space has to be made for the 2x3s. Agreed about the IFS, it likely will have to be removed. Of course, a tube axle will only make it look better, right?
  2. Yes, the "2x3 tubing" would definitely work here. Not sure I see what you mean by cutting the center of the X, because then the members will be offset when I try to put them back together. I do agree that something would have to be done to the frame, but having a bit of an issue picturing just what. Thanks for the input.
  3. Thanks for the replies, glad to see it doesn't seem to be too far out there. Lot of work involved, I hadn't thought about the x-frame, as mentioned earlier. But, of course, everything can be fixed (with a small hammer, if necessary...). Looking at the kit again, got the thinking cap on..........
  4. That's a good point, probably why there weren't any. Impala is full-size (which meant HUGE in those days!!), I guess most AWBs were, as you say, shorter. Well, still thinking.......
  5. Just had a crazy idea while browsing some early drag car photos - I've never seen an altered wheelbase '64 Impala. I'm sure there was a good reason for this, however, I have a '64 kit gathering dust, and I thought, why not?? The '64 has never been a favorite of mine (real or kit), so it's not like I'd be very annoyed if I screwed it up. Something about the lines that never grabbed me. Anyway, just did a real quick adjust of a pic to see if the concept would fly (ignoring, for the moment, the amount of work involved...), and it looks like it just might work. Doesn't look any worse (to me)
  6. Harry, there is another article which describes why he doesn't include people in the models: “From the very beginning, I decided that there will be no people in Elgin Park,” Michael explains. “I felt that having people interfere in the photograph, and the rest of the scene sort of disappears. I didn’t want that. Now, viewers can get involved in the photograph itself.” I think overall, most of us really don't notice the lack of people in the scenes, although there are some shots that could use them. But I find that I get so engrossed in the other details that I overlook the lack of people. The
  7. WOW - didn't expect anything like those prices!!!! Definitely NOT buying any of those any time soon. Guess this will be another unfulfilled desire......... Thanks for all the replies.
  8. Hi, looking for the above kit, 1/24 or 1/25 preferably. Have looked online, but can't find any kits. Does/did any manufacturer make them? Thx
  9. Excellent work on the engine! One thing I really liked was the throttle spring - great detail for a stock appearance! Usually this item is too big, too many coils, etc. But yours really looks the part!! Not to mention the rest of the details....really fine work!
  10. Just picked it up - it's the "Killer Camaro" Z/28 model, molded in orange. Made 1979, according to the box. Features a GM blower, Ford SOHC 427. As Dan mentioned, there are no chrome parts. All trees are either grey or orange. No driver/owner info, just Killer Camaro, so probably not based on any actual car. Not a snap-kit. Looks interesting, we'll see...........
  11. I have been offered a kit made by ADVENT - 1970 Camaro Z28 Funny Car. I have tried to get some info on this kit, but can't find any. Does anyone have any information about it - quality, parts count & fit, photo, etc? Thanks
  12. Fair question - guess I was just thinking of building what I have at the moment (just bought a bunch from a guy clearing out his closet), rather than getting even more. Not to mention that I wasn't aware there is a new kit. I don't follow the trade that closely, having just gotten back into building a short time ago. But, having seen some pics of the new one, yes, it would be the better way to go for sure.
  13. Those photo etch parts are exactly what I will need. Thanks for the link. Yes, the box art shows a two-tone car, but not a two-tone body - a subtle difference. I would ideally like to do the two-tone body, and the photo etch part is just what is required. The look I'm aiming for (if I ever get around to building it) is: http://www.autoglasscentral.com/imgs/1955_chevrolet_bel_air%2Bright_rear_view.jpg where there is a difference in the body color at the rear bumper, more or less.
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