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  1. No not really. I had a Lindberg F150 kit that was partially built so I thought I would build a truck that I think could be utilised by the Fire Service here (I have been a firefighter here in Queensland for the last 8 years). The original idea was to mount a swift water rescue boat on top, with lockers to stow equipment but also have a tray area for wet gear. The tray was kept high so that the 4WD capabilities would not be compromised. Our mining vehicles have very similar rear trays on them for maintenance utes so I copied that concept. The addition of the extinguishers came about from a race
  2. Hello all, its been a while since I have been on this forum. Thought I had better come back and have a look whats being going on over there in the American modelling world. I finished this one over 2 years ago. Its based on the Lindberg F150 styleside kit. I lengthened the chassis, changed the dash to RHD, fabricated the rear tray, working lightbars and strobes at rear, scratchbuilt the hose reel and all the equipment in the tray. I painted in our Queensland fire service colours and signage. I also made it so that the ear tray can come of and the sides be put on for regular use. The side do
  3. This was my first attempt at weathered seats. The seats are the kit seats with tissue paper glued on with watered down white glue. The tissue paper was then manipulated, whilst still wet, to resemble the real seats. They were then weathered with normal modelling paint after the glue had dried.. Easy!!! If I can do it, anyone can.
  4. Here is my replica build of the very first Shelby Cobra that was ever built by Carroll Shelby. I have had the opportunity to see the real car at the Las Vegas Shelby Museum/workshop. The real car is in complete original condition even down to the torn seats, paintwork and oil leak. Apparently, as we were told, it will never be rebuilt. It even shows the paint colour prior to the now blue that it is today. On the front lower panel is a small area that is yellow. Here are my pics. There are a couple of pics of the real car as well.
  5. Thanks for all the great replies. This build would have to be one of my favourite ones that I have done. There was a comment made that (not sure who it was now) that Mike and Frank drove a Mercedes Sprinter van. True BUT Mike has this VW as his ride and its usually in the background shot at the LeClaire shop. He has been seen driving it in a couple of episodes, particularly when Frank was going to race him with the Fairlane that they bought. Australia must be far behind in this series as we are yet to see Mike and Frank driving a Ford Transit??? As for the neon sign and its lack of damaged
  6. I did put a photo on the American Pickers Facebook page and did get a reply back," THATS COOL".
  7. Heres my rendition of the VW from American Pickers.. I also scratchbuilt the front barwork, the roof rack and the sign in the tray.
  8. Heres one of my latest builds. 2006 GT Mustang. I fitted Pegasus wheels, lowered the suspension and fitted a Ford Shaker to it. The Aussies on this site may have already seen this build on our Australian forum.
  9. NO no they run the same way only better than the US engines!!!! :lol:
  10. Hello all. I am Dave or Dufasdave and live, as per the topic title, in Australia. I live in a place called Rockhampton which is on the central Queensland coast (google map it ). Prior to this I was in Toowoomba which is about 1 1/2 hours inland of Brisbane (once again google map it). My occupation is a firefighter with Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, prior to that I worked on cars in several exhaust shops for 19 years. I have been car models on and off since I was about 14 years old. No real main themes just any cars/trucks/pickups that appeal to me. I have also done a few motorbikes. I w
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