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  1. Really a great looking rig. Nice job. Jeff
  2. That's pretty neat, have no idea what kind of truck it is, but I'd buy one. Jeff
  3. Great to hear. One of my projects is a 73 Scout with a 6 cylinder in it. Just trying to fab up or wait to see if anybody was going to do an early grill for them. Thanks for the info. Jeff
  4. +1 for sure. I remember that thread, but can't remember who said they were going to cast them in resin. I'd buy several sets also. Jeff
  5. Great news! Lining up with checkbook in hand....... Jeff
  6. Nice Scout. Great workmanship and paint. The wood bed looks terrific. What engine did you put under the hood? Looks like an LS. Nice choice for an updated corn harvester. Jeff
  7. Great job. Looks like a great puller. I built all of the puller and monster truck kits when I was young too. Your's inspires me to build some more. Nice work. Jeff
  8. Dang, I used to have that book in my collection. Haven't seen it in a while, might still be in the pile in the basement. Not sure if that's the same one or not, but the leather cover with the embossing looks the same if memory serves me correct. It is an awesome book for period photos. Now I'm going to have to go digging. Jeff
  9. I saw an old roots style supercharger case which held a carburetor inside instead of the rotors. Looked like it was factory made, not some hobbled up backyard creation. I guess you would then put an injector hat on top to complete the disguise. I thought it was pretty cool. You wouldn't have the power of a blown engine, but then, you wouldn't have the expense of a full working blower, nor need the beefed up engine or drivetrain to go with it. A poor mans blown engine look I guess. I saw it at the York PA streetrod show flea market years ago. Wish I would have bought it. Jeff
  10. Great looking rig. Looks just right for a weekend in the mountains. I thought about doing one of these conversions too someday. I'm glad you proved it could be done. Really cool build. Jeff
  11. Cool Bronco. A whole lotta custom work went into that. Just right for the trail. Jeff
  12. Good looking Brat. I like the color choice. The engine bay looks great. Jeff
  13. Great looking Jeep. That blue really snaps out. Looks too good to take on the trail. But with all of that extra gear you built into it, I wouldn't be afraid to take it wheelin on the trail. Nice job. Jeff
  14. Very nice build. Sometimes its more fun building from glue bombs and parts box parts then from virgin kits. Your Jeep looks great. Nice combo of parts. Hmm, wonder what I can build from my Jeep box?🤔 Jeff
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