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  1. I hate all the LED garbage and all the tech BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH cluttering the interior. Leave the tech junk in the Impala. Also I hate that they're putting 4 cylinders in Camaros and Mustangs, leave the four cylinders to Subaru cheese heads like me. A Mustang or Camaro without a V8 is like a eunuch.
  2. Nice job, I have a similar build going. What were you doing for a motor?
  3. I've done a little more work on the cage (pictures later) and have decided to go turbo rather than pro-charged. I've been thinking about building some mini-tubs but haven't made a final decision. I really don't want to lose the pre-drilled areas for rear suspension (even though I have a pin vice) as the rear suspension that came with the kit is half-way decent and this is intended to be a small tire street-able car. Hopefully I'll have some more progress pictures soon but here are some pictures of the car it's being based off of. I'm from Michigan and have ran my little 1/1, 13 second, 4 d
  4. Did a little more cage work. I need to do some sanding and filling. It's not a perfect sub 8:50 funny car cage, but I can either let it slide or do some cutting and adding of more bars. If I know myslef well enough there will be finangling. Like I said this is my first attempt at scratch building really anything.
  5. I kind of thought that too. It's for sure Taurus from the A pilar back. I'm wondering if the grill was just squared off. They had a lot of cars that were pre-COT that would say "Impala" but was a Monte.
  6. Love Corvairs, screw Nader! My grandfather had a Corvair wagon, and last year a girl had a turbo spyder at the track.
  7. I drove this car at the Rusty Wallace Racing Experiance at MIS last July. Is this some Frankenstien of a Monte Carlo and Taurus or is it a well loved 05 Taurus? I've been wanting to build a model of it but wanted to lock down the body first.
  8. A headache and frigging stripped star bolts on my car. I swear use a real bolt!!!!
  9. Just curious what you guys drive in the real world. Anything exciting? I have- 2008 Subaru Legacy GT Spec B 2.5lt Single Turbo/Intercooled boxer 4. 6 speed manual, AWD, front and rear limited slip differenetials. On the dyno at Pure Tuning in Toledo 255 awhp 322 awtq stock turbo, stock fuel system, 93 octane gas, I need a bigger turbo! Car 204.
  10. So after a 20 year hiatus I decided to build a couple models seeing they're cheaper than the new turbo I want for my real car. It's the Revel 1990 LX drag car but I'm trying to put my own spin on it. This is my first time trying to scratch build a cage but I can't bring my self to just use the roll bar in the kit seeing in my mind a proper booster, fox body, should be well under 10 seconds in the quarter. I'm borrowing some pieces off a cheap pro street kit I picked up. Hopefully I don't get discouraged and throw it out Cage started, lots of finangling will be needed. I want to
  11. Hi, I'm Brian. I built a ton of models back when I was younger, mostly racing. I'm just getting back into it as I'm building Rusty Wallaces 1989 Winston Cup Champion Grand Prix as well as a 275x class, pro charged, Fox Body, Mustang. I also have a Sprint Cup Taurus, of Matt Kensith's that was the car I drove at the Rusty Wallace Race Experiance, at Michigan International Speedway. In real life I have a 2008 Subaru Legacy Spec B (2.5lt Turbo boxer) that I autocross and have ran a best of 13.2@103mph on the 1/4.
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