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  1. I took a couple of pictures of it while it was at the Mustang Memories show at Ford World Headquarters.... I might have posted those on another thread....
  2. I probably take measurements of the one I have and make a bunch out of styrene stock.... Thanks for the pictures!... ??
  3. Awesome!!!!.... Is that the same trailer the comes in the "diamond in the rough" kit by AMT?????.... If so, I have one.... ?
  4. That one turned out beautiful!!!.... ??
  5. I believe that's a 1961 er 2 Dodge Senica..... It's got a slant 6 in it....
  6. You guys seen my red 2019 C/S.... Here's my other pony....??
  7. An empty paint can will work with a piece of looped masking tape on the cap.... Cheap and easy.... ?
  8. Yep Snake, it's lookin' really nice.... ?? More pictures please!!!!.... ?
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