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  1. Looks awesome. Please tell us more about it. Paint? decals? build issues?
  2. Ditto to everything said! Terrific workmanship. I especially like the Olds 442......well I like them ALL!
  3. Yes, everything they said!.......👆
  4. Really nicely done! Love the color and the clean way you built this.
  5. Very nicely done. Love the color. How was the kit? I heard this was one of AMT's better productions.
  6. Thanks, that may be true if we ever have shows again....😉
  7. Thanks, and it is close to the correct blue on the ps pump but not quite. It should be a bit bluer and metallic. I used a Pontiac engine color. It is the closest thing I had at the time. I also forgot to mention that I sanded off the molded hood pin wire and replaced it with fine metal wire which I glued to the underside of the hood. Not functional, but looks the part with the hood closed.
  8. Awesome rendition. I like everything about it. Cudos to you!
  9. Wow, thanks for all the nice comments! Yes, the vin plate decal is from the Kieth Marks set. Also, the windshield washer bag was adorned with a colored pencil and label made from a picture of the actual bag, otherwise it would be just a black plastic blob.
  10. Presented is the 1/25 scale AMT 1967 Shelby Mustang GT-350 finished in "Gravity Colors" Ford Wimbeldon White with decals from "Kieth Marks." The additions include a parts box alternator, scratchbuilt power steering pump, pulley, cellenoid, and antenna, added battery caps, athletic tape for air cleaner element, "Fireball Modelworks" tires, and overhead seatbelts. The engine was wired and plumbed. Adhesive foil and molotow pen was used for the chrome trim throughout.
  11. Nice work with all the different colors and carbon fiber!
  12. I did one of these in black and gold years ago. You did a nice job here although I thought these came with very low powered 302 v8's?
  13. Hi all. Still looking for this part. Just bumping this to the top to try again. Thanks.
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