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  1. Always enjoy browsing this copy-numerous times. In the pics from the Cincinnati Challenge was a picture of as '65 Bonneville built by Ed Powell. I would like to ask him some specific questions regarding the side pipes. Do you have a suggestion as to how I might contact him? Thanks.
  2. Newest bench project is reissued '65 Lincoln, Have vision of low down contemporary street cruiser. As a reissue the chassis detail is molded. Sprayed satin black and started detailing various parts, i.e. drive shaft, suspension, exhaust. This is very time consuming, difficult and I a not pleased. My current thinking is to give it a fresh coat of satin black and forget the detail. Any suggestions--or encouragement? Thanks.
  3. i was in my Topeka Hobby Lobby this afternoon and noted a sales associate was working the model aisle. As I am not a shy guy I asked the lady if there were big changes in the air for that department. She pointed out some mark down prices on model kits and added, " I need to clear these as I have 9 cases of new models in the back room." I call that good news!
  4. 71 years of age + 132 unassembled kits=wife advising, "You probably won't live that long!" Now don't jump to conclusions here. We have been happily married for soon to be 51 years. She knows my pace and style!
  5. I love Tamiya paint but always looking improve my work. What are success dry times between color coats, time between color and clear, time between clear coats and wait time to polish out. Thanks.
  6. While browsing the model section of Hobby Lobby I noticed a growing section/selection of small bottled acrylic paint labelled Model Paint. This looks just like what I purchase in the craft section for interiors due to the variety of colors. But the price of the acrylic "model" paint is about twice as much per volume as craft acrylic. If you have used this product, what are your thoughts/observations? Just curious! Thanks.
  7. Yes, interesting. Corporate mergers often make one scratch the scalp. I remember touring the Ertl plant in Dyersville in the early 90's and was surprised to see the chrome plating equipment was being used to chrome plate plastic drapery rod parts. It was subcontract from another company that was a way to get more return on their equipment investment. The parts were about the same size as a chrome parts tree.
  8. A friend of mine(not a modeler) recently gave me a Monogram Mojave Mule kit. As this is not the genre I usually model I am looking for a little info. Is this a kit that is hard to find? I see it was issued in 1976. I have been building since 1956 with a lapse now and then for education and family. That was issued during one of these gaps. I would be interested in any info someone might share about this kit--and its possibilities! Thanks and a Merry Christmas!!
  9. I am wanting to build a showroom stock Avanti. I have noted there are several issues of this model. I I know the Millenium issue has racing options. For the purposes of showroom stock is any one issue or reissue better than another? Thanking this brain trust in advance!?!?
  10. I had an unclear who smoked many cigars for many years. Thus upon his death there were many cigar boxes. So I built a cabinet to hold many cigar boxes labelled similar to others I have seen posted here. Oh my, my fingers are still asleep. I had an uncle not an unclear. I am the guy who is "unclear".
  11. Hope to soon finish Chevy SSR in star spangled blue right out of the box. Next will be Studebaker AVANTI showroom original. '52 Ford sedan delivery Who knows after that.
  12. Soon be diving into a late fifties custom and thinking about going with simulated tuck and roll interior. I have purchased some half round plastic for that purpose. The question is procedure from here. Do I glue the half round directly onto the existing seats or do I cut out the portion of the seat that is to be tuck and roll and then replace it with the half round. Suggestions appreciated.
  13. I am interested in purchasing a Linidberg '53 Ford Victoria kit. As I am thinking of a basic street custom I am wanting a dual exhaust system. I understand some of these kits had single and some had duals. How do I identify the kit with the dual system? Or is there a simple conversation I could find from single to dual? Thanks.
  14. This project is finally completed.
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