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  1. LOL. Not so fast, bud. It's up to you as the model builder to make the model look wavy, blurry and ripply...
  2. AMT/Round2 has put into my hands an AMT annual kit that has not existed in this form in the last 57 YEARS! To me, that's dang-near MIRACULOUS! Decades ago, I used to look at the annual kits in the 1964 AMT catalog and just sigh... Now I say: Round2! Gimme MORE!!
  3. Thanks for pointing out the origins of the kit's "Custom Aluminum Wheels". When I first saw the custom wheels for this 1964 AMT annual kit, I wondered what they were as I didn't recognize them from this period. All I knew was that Dean Jeffries was credited for designing the custom parts. Since your post, I've learned that the above car is a Lola GT Mk. 6 which debuted in January 1963 which sported one-off, custom-made magnesium knock-off wheels. It is odd that these particular wheels would turn up on a 1964 GM intermediate, custom or not. Oh, well. That's the spirit of the '60s
  4. Hi, Phil: Replicas & Miniatures Company of Maryland produced a 1/25 '50/51 Mercury dashboard for the AMT '49 Merc kit in 10-pieces. (Item no. RH-301) At least they did at one time. You can email Norm of R&MCM at replmincomd@aol.com to see if he still supplies it.
  5. Her name is Linda...and her eyes are up here...;) (Miss Hurst Linda Vaughn)
  6. My build was to combine the look of the original 1963-64 AMT kit hot rod with the 1969 Hot Wheels 'Classic '32 Ford Vicky' flavor...(Lime flavor, that is...)
  7. Last sighting...? (I haven't ever seen one of these in person...)
  8. It's a beaut! What did that one set you back ($)? (Here's the AMT 'Grand Prix d'Amerique Cobra Racing Team' kit decals to compare:)
  9. Was the 'Fireball 500' body really derived from the Valiant Signet promo tool? (I can understand AMT reusing the chassis/guts.)
  10. I don't care how old the original post is. If there's a point to correct, I'll make it (assuming that I know something)... As for something new... November 2020 is a snoozer...
  11. "...Fireball 500 is not a bad kit. They lifted that idea from the short lived trend of 'topless' funny cars..." I disagree on that second point. The 'Fireball 500' car was more Batmobile than 'Flying Dutchman'. George Barris' conversion of a '66 Plymouth Barracuda into a custom roadster muscle car represents the tail end of a trend of sports car roadster conversions of production cars, mostly compacts, by styling studios and customizers in the 1961-66 period. 1961 Corvair Sebring Spyder XP-737 1961 Pontiac Tempest Monte Carlo roadster XP-741 1962
  12. 1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass J-TR Concept. Obvious inspiration of the AMT '64 Cutlass kit's custom version.
  13. Hate to spoil the illusion, but that Goldfinger Lincoln had no engine/transmission when it was crushed... A few pounds off the old block, I'd say...
  14. Here's my AMT/Ertl '69 Corvair build from a dozen years ago or so. I did it up as my own version of a late-'60s "Yenko Stinger" track racer. The wheels are those Firestone Super Sport GP tire faces over original 13" compact car tires on 13" open-wheel steelies that were in the original AMT Corvair kits from 1965-68.
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