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  1. There is no need to remove the seam between the two halves of the tires. Actual F1 racing tires have a seam running down the middle of the tire.
  2. Al, Thank you so much for the kind words. John
  3. I am running out of display room. My shelves are full. I'll need to relocate a few models to a box.
  4. This took a long time to build. There are just so many parts that need to be individually painted. And the hoses! Good lord, so many hoses! Was it worth building this Model? With out a doubt, YES! How about a group shot with a Lotus and a ELF six-wheeler.
  5. Update April 29 This build is starting to become a real pain. The model is heavy and clumsy. So far I have broken off both oil coolers (yellow arrows) with my thumbs when lifting the model off of my bench. The rear wing bracket (blue arrow) is heavy and is attached to the engine by two short pins. There was no way to clamp the bracket in place, so I placed the model in a cabinet drawer to place the model in a vertical position while the glue cured.
  6. This build is starting off really slow because I am trying to finish my 1/12 Ferrari 312 T. The 312T is a real zombie kit because as soon as I feel that I am almost finished I discover that there is more to do.
  7. Update April 24 The old decals that came with the kit were unusable, so I purchased a set of decals from www.bestbalsakits.com. Very nice decals, however, they are a little thick. Now this is an annoyance. The decals in the instruction sheet are identified with letters, the decals themselves are identified by numbers. I'm about half done with the decals. The colors are very dense and there is no color bleedthrough. The carrier film is crystal clear. As I mentioned, the decals are thick which is nice because the pinstriping decals do not tear.
  8. I have a suggestion. It might be helpful if you reduced your photos to 600x450. It's difficult to scroll through your posts with really large photos.
  9. This should be a fun build, the Tamiya Ferrari FXXK super car. This car is not street legal and it is not sanctioned for competition use. It can be purchased by individuals, however it is kept and maintained by Ferrari and it is driven by its owners on track day events. I got this as a Christmas present in 2020. I haven't had time to start it until now. It has 154 parts, which is a lot of parts for a 1/24 scale car. Let's see what's in the box. One fret of red parts. Two frets of black parts. One fret of gray parts Nice soft vinyl tires an
  10. Thanks for the kind words. This is a great forum because modelers share their skills which benefits everyone. Good luck on your build.
  11. The decals that came with this kit are unusable. They are yellow from age. I tried to use the Sun to bleach the decals, but that didn't really work. Plus, the decals disintagrate when placed in water. I bought a set of replacement decals on line. I'll put this kit on-hold until the decals arrive.
  12. I built that kit a few years ago. It does have fit and finish issues. I also bought the KA Models Detail Pack to add some extra detailing. The price of the Detail Pack now costs $175.00. It is not worth that price. Anyway, the Trumpeter kit is not up to par with the quality and detailing of 1/12 scale Tamiya kits. That's too bad because the GT40 MK II is a great car.
  13. The body panels were painted Tamiya Italian Red. First I did a dry fit of the body panels starting with the side body panels. Next I placed the top body panels (green arrows) onto the tub. These panels were bowed with the ends being higher that the middle. I used paint bottles to flatten the top body panel while the glue cured. Unfortunately the top body panel is warped (twisted). There are some fit issues (green arrows). This panel is designed to be removable, so there isn't much that I can do to fix these fit issues.
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