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  1. I am in need of all the clear plastic parts for the 53 Chevy gasser from the kits shown. Please let me know if you have all or part of them. Thanks Bill
  2. Nice job! It is very close to the actual 55 you had to recreate.
  3. Love the Willys panel gassers, the color really makes this build. Taking photos outside with natural light makes the model much more realistic looking.
  4. Very nice build, the paint work looks great as well. Where did you source the wheels from?
  5. 1320 WAYNE I always enjoy your builds, your take on the sportsman side of drag racing looks spot on with each build. In the case of the 57 the stance and the paint & decals really set it off. It looks like a lot of motor for a super gas car but with a throttle stop anything is possible. Great job!
  6. Top notch work on the Maverick Guy! I love the subtle weathering and the headers,clutch fork and vertigate shifter. What are the headers made out of? The paint and decals are also top notch!
  7. I thought the clutch exploded in the car, thats what cut half his foot off.
  8. Really cool build , your decal work really finished it off nicely!
  9. Nice job, the color looks great! I would like to see it plumbed and wired to really finish it off.
  10. The dragster came out great Wayne, its inspired me to build one too.
  11. Is that a complete resin kit? I'm looking to do a build of my 05 Siverado standard cab
  12. This is awesome, Ive been wanting to build a ramp truck to carry a 70s funny car I'm building. Do you have any pics of the chassis?
  13. Great job, the engine set back is right on, the firewall looks killer!
  14. cool gasser! I would just raise the back of the car a bit to get it off the rear tires.
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