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  1. That resin kit was originally cast by the British aftermarket Kit Form Services back in the early 2000s. KFS recently sold the molds to Models By Dave. It's been around for a while. Where have you been?
  2. Tim says shooting for a Spring release.
  3. I did. I got the information from "The Source". Stevens International has had it listed for several months now. I don't know how long it takes for a 40 foot shipping container of model kits to be unload from a massive container ship from China, unloaded at the distributor and the kits sent to retail outlets. I would think Moebius is still run as a separate entity, event though they were bought out by Pegasus Models. I am surprised it has taken this short of a time considering the Worldwide Covid pandemic.
  4. What kit maker. There are many model kit manufacturers.
  5. As of late December, 2020, I was told the FB trailer kit was on the boat.
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