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  1. Cheers manπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Ž Now I am all done and everything buttoned up tight. I popped off a last couple photos with a desert backdrop and base.....
  2. I just bought the yellow 1/8 XKE Jag kit off eBay represented as complete and it is missing the entire engine...every single engine part off the sprues not sure what to do now
  3. Thanks for bumping this topic up...I totally missed Randy's magic on this project WOW is a good start for words; you make it look so easy, I couldn't be that detailed at 1/16 or 1/8 scale soldering brass parts. WOW Love to see you make up a Singer Porsche 911
  4. Really awesome Just love the black paint
  5. Cheers Jerry. So far so good
  6. This is Coco recovering well from surgery to her tummy. Pretty big mass removed She is a wonderful lively goofball otherwise and a lot of fun. Truly the love of my life You guys make me feel lucky my girl is still battling and so far winning against cancer So sorry to hear of anyone having to lose their best friend, but I also know my time for losing her is coming
  7. This is my $20 local estate auction find over Easter weekend. 1/8 scale Monogram '65 Corvette She has had some front end and right fender damage so I won't sell it now and have begun some repairs with softened styrene before body filler Size comparison pic vs a 1/24 Tamiya Mercedes
  8. She is getting close to being done. Last detail bits, tubings, wiring, number plates, glue on tank and seat....oh hell I am miles from finished πŸ€”
  9. Thanks! It isn’t all that hard once you get set up and follow the pattern
  10. Happy Easter! Husky is up on her own two wheels now, shocks are re-made and both wheels have brass rod through them Everything on the running gear is cemented or screwed on and the kickstand works
  11. Thank You! Once you get the rhythm and are organized, it isn’t hard to re-spoke. Simple jig to hold it in place, work your way around the rim It just cleans up the wheel so much
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