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  1. The problem with this decal is that it goes onto a conical-shaped surface.  If you make it a simple ring-shape it will wrinkle when applied.  It really needs to be made in a shape of an open circle taking into consideration the conical surface of the air cleaner. Some geometric calculations will be needed to come up with the correct shape for the decal.

  2. 26 minutes ago, #1 model citizen said:

    I agree & just didn't remember to do it. I'll fix that immediately, if I can:wacko::) Oh, BTW I don't see the rant. Did it get taken down?

    Note: just went in and deleted what I could. I couldn't remove the links:unsure:

    My post about not trimming quoted contents *WAS* the rant. Thanks for doing what you did.  The world is a happy place again!  :D

  3. The question I have is that since those old threads are buried pages and pages deep in the forum, how exactly do people find them, fish them out , and reply to them? Maybe Shaun could explain how he stumbled upon that old thread?

    I participate in another forum. If I try to reply to an old thread (few moths old), when I bring up the reply screen I see a warning pop up informing me that this thread is old and that I might want to consider starting a new thread. But if I ignore the warning it will allow me to reply anyway.

  4. Hey Joe, good to have you back on the forum.

    I read the re-post and found it interesting.   This is my first visit of the forum since last Thursday morning so you never even gave me a chance to read your original post. There are members that only visit once a week or even less frequently,  but who might find your story interesting. I agree with others that you did an early withdrawal. You need to give a story like at least a day or two (or in my case, several days) to get some comments.

  5. On 12/7/2017 at 1:42 PM, Ace-Garageguy said:

    A general understanding of the operation and limitations of search functions can go a long way towards eliminating frustration.

    Understanding how to use strings of search terms is essential to finding things online, and if the first search fails, try different terms.

    Eh, why not just ask Alexa?  She knows *EVERYTHING*! :D

  6. 14 hours ago, misterNNL said:

    I really like the fact that is not solvent based. Clean up is simple and quick with a damp cloth instead of using lacquer thinner. . . . It dries quickly and sands to  a smooth finish.

    Well, it is solvent based, but the solvent is H2O (water). :D  Because the solvent (water) evaporates from it during the drying/hardening process, I would expect shrinkage. The 2-part putties which harden by a chemical reaction between the 2-parts are not solvent based and are non-shrinking.

  7. 18 hours ago, Zoom said:

    I think something has happened to the decals, they are not in the original places on the back paper.
    I don’t know why.

    That is an important clue. Sounds like the decal got wet, decals slid around and the glue layer (which is also impermeable to the liquid clear film) dissolved off the paper.  So when you painted a layer of the liquid decal film the water soluble glue was not there acting as a barrier and the liquid decal film adhered to the paper. You basically sealed the decal images to the paper backing.

    You might still be able to trim the decals right to the images and if there is still enough adhesive left under the images you might be able to slide them off the paper. The alternative would be to scan the decal, create artwork and print a new copy.

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