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  1. The Chrome BMF (not the Ultra-Chrome) has a warm tone to it. It always has. It is normal.  The color of BMF chrome foil in your photo is what I would expect to see (when compared to a kit's "chromed" part).

    That is because it is neither chrome nor aluminum - it is some sort of custom alloy of soft and pliable metals. There might be some tin in that alloy because, unlike aluminum foil it can be melted with a regular soldering iron.  But because it is a special alloy, it is very easy to work with and it conforms (stretches and compresses) over curved surfaces.

    If you really want the chrome-like cool tone then you would have to use the Ultra-Bright foil. That one seems to be made from aluminum which has a more chrome-like color, but it is much stiffer and harder to get to conform to curved surfaces.  Another alternative would be to use the Alclad II Chrome paint method, Spaz Stix or a Molotov chrome pen.  Or if you are really building a contest-quality model then you could sent those parts to be "chromed" (which is the same method of vacuum aluminizing used by the model companies for their "chromed" parts).


  2. While what Photobucket did is really underhanded I doubt  they will go out of business. There are probably still millions of users (both free and with paid subscriptions) that use Photobucket for their Photo storage and sharing. After all, they only disabled 3rd party hosting. You can still view user's albums on the site and share links to the photos in emails, etc.

    I have a free account and was only using them for 3rd party hosting, so I'm no longer using them. I left my account active in case they decide that what they did was stupid, but I'm not holding my breath. The forum sites I frequent now allow for local photo storage so I'm slowly updating my old posts with locally stored photos.

  3. Sorry, I thought the OP was just asking about the lines in the etching. :unsure:

    [broke my first rule about posting here :rolleyes:;)]

    Well, if you want to split hairs, the word "etching" was not even mentioned in the original post - only the lines exposed after priming.

    But since the surface crazing/etching (or whatever you want to call it) also prominently shows up in those photos, and both, the lines and crazing are caused by the same thing (primer too hot) I can see why both were mentioned in the replies. Then a solution was provided (to fix both problems). I don't see anything wrong with that.

  4. I also have doubts that if a listing disappears, how can a buyer be scammed.  Ok, if someone does buy the item, I don't think the listing cab be deleted after it is sold.  SO that woudl show up in that sellers completed items history.  If the listing is pulled by the it usually still shows up with a reason it ended early.  I'm not sure if there is an option to just delete the listing but then again, that would have to be done before someone bought it.  So how does the scam work?

    I also noticed some strange activities from a Chinese seller.  I watch for the Revell Can-Do wrecker kit and few weeks ago there were 2 listings for that kit from China by a seller with zero  feedback for a really low price and free shipping.  I found that odd since it is a rather large box.  I was watching both listings and one of them was actually completed (someone bought the kit) while the 2nd listing just disappeared.  The sellers name is skvhv689097 and I'm watching to see if they will get a feedback for the kit that sold.


  5. My most complex lighting project was the Peterbilt Can-Do Wrecker.  I built it in the '90s. It was before small SMD size LEDs became available but I was able to get some small red and amber LEDs which I used for all the red and amber lights.  Headlights and fog-lights are small 1.5V bulbs from Miniatronics.



    I designed and built the power supplies and flashers and housed them inside the wrecker body.  This was before the Arduinos and Raspbery Pi were available.



    The channel display (showing "19") on the CB radio is also backlit with a green LED.


  6. OK, I read on eBay how those live auctions work............must be something relatively new as I've not seen that before.

    I'm gonna tune in just to see how this goes! :D 

    Well, at least couple of years old.  I participated in one of those live auctions (remotely through eBay) few years ago and won an item I was interested in. The entire experience is a bit awkward, but it worked for me.  You actually get to see a live video and audio of the auction venue while you bid.  But like others said, there is a buyer-s premium and you will have to arrange the shipping from the auction house (they usually have a contract with a shipper, so that part is fairly smooth, but I still had to make few phone calls).  If it wasn't for the item I was really interested in, I would not have bothered using the live auction.

  7. When I built the '55, dimmable LEDs were not available...I needed the dimmable property for high/low beams, taillight vs brake light/turn signals.

    I understand. But the question asked was about the current trends.  You did a very good job with what was available at the time.


    I went onto Fotki as I know of no one else who does this 3rd party hosting, and got 3 years for $120. That's good for me as a pensioner! I've since found out from another modeller that he has gone to Imgur for free! Hey Ho, at least I'm back on and have been able to refresh at least my latest posts!

    As it has been said, if you only post here (don't need to link to the same photos on multiple forums), then just uploads them directly to your posts here. It is free, and guaranteed to be there for as long as the Model Cars forum is active.

  9. Stay away from Imageshack, they did the same thing a few years ago that Photobucket is currently doing.

    Yes, I used to have a free account there and they did the same thing that PB is doing, except they gave an ample warning period.  They also purged all the photos when I chose not to get a paid account.  But at least their price was more reasonable that what PB wants. The funny thing is that after I dumped Imageshack I joined PB and now I'm in the same boat again.

    I only post to few online forums and now they all offer local storage for photos, so I'm all set.

  10. We're looking at doing that. If we can download the pictures from the links, we can probably write a program to update Harry's posts. Unfortunately the P'tak at Photobucket haven't made it easy. 

    I wonder if his children (Amy?) could provide Harry's username/password to Photobucket. Assuming that they even have that info. That way the albums could be downloaded easier than clicking each link to a photo in a post.

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