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  1. Not for much, but I  won two auctions from same seller; when I sent a request for a combined invoice I instantly received an red eBay announcement that stated this seller doesn't offer combined shipping.  That's fine, but if that's your policy then state that in your auctions.  This one will go on my "Do Not Deal With Again List", they got my first and last business.  Seems like most of the time when I hear buyers complaining about getting bit on eBay it's almost always over shipping charges, combined shipping or something else to do with shipping like hefty handling fees or something like that.  I've both bought and sold on eBay, so I don't understand the no combined shipping thing especially when it saves both parties a dime or two.  Just one more thing to watch out for on eBay.

    This happened to me few times recently.  Even on a listing where seller mentioned that he does do combined shipping.  It is probably no seller's fault but some eBay glitch.

    What I did in all those instances, instead of asking for combined invoice, I went to one of the individual listings and contacted seller through "ask seller question" and asked them for combined shipping. They had no problem sending me a combined shipping invoice.

    The EBay is getting weirder and weirder - try contacting the seller like I did and see what happens.

  2. There is no fixed rules for airbrushing (like paint viscosity, pressure, nozzle size, distance from the surface being painted, etc., etc.).  There are too many variables (including the model of the airbrush).  Some people use 40psi, others use 16psi (and many other pressures in between). It can even change depending on a particular paint job or paint.  Sometimes I even change the paint pressure during a painting session (lower the pressure to get the paint in some tight corners, then go back to higher pressure for the larger flat areas). To me every airbrushing session is different.  That is what makes the task of airbrushing so flexible (unlike using a spray can).

    The way I see it, in order to become good with airbrushing you need to practice and determine what works best for you. Sure, you can pick up some tips from other modelers, but in the end it is really you who will choose the technique which works best for you.

  3. The problem is that we cannot guarantee that your account in Photobucket or even Photobucket site itself will always be there. I lost bunch of photos when ImageShack decided to shut down their free photo accounts.  I didn't actually lose them since I had local copy but all the posts I made to forums which included imageshack photos now show up as broken links. No, I cannot edit those posts to point them to another photo hosting site I now use.

    That is why when I see something worth keeping on the Internet, I copy it to my PC (and of course I have couple of backups of my PC too).That way I'll have the info regardless whether the ModelCars forum or Photobucket are there or not.

  4. That is a great thread. The only possible problem I see is that since the very informative photos aren't hosted locally on this forum, in a year or a few there is a good chance that some or all of the photos might disappear. That will make that thread useless.  I have seen this happen in threads on many forums. I would recommend to save all the photos and the text on your home computer for future reference.

  5. I kept getting a hospital bill for an under payment of .25 cents on a $4,000 dollar bill and I just threw em in the trash every month,for about 4 months, then I got a REGISTERED letter from a collection agency for .25 cents. So I called the agency and asked what they got out of it and the guy told me we get to keep half of it! On the reverse side, J.C. Whitney send me a refund ck for.09 cents! Crazy world

    Books have to be balanced you know! :D

    As far as the teller in the first post of this thread not budging on a penny, unfortunately some people working in customer-facing professions are not the right people for the job.  If she was a right person for the job, she would have gladly chip in a penny of her own money.  Many places I shop at have a take-a-penny-leave-a-penny holder on the checkout counter.  I often take and leave pennies there as needed.  But I wouldn't expect to see one of those penny holders in a bank.

  6. As stated before, modern technology is destroying our simple quality of life.

    That is also what they said after the industrial revolution started in the 19th Century.  A similar sentiment is also in a Twilight Zone episode staring Buster Keaton https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time_(The_Twilight_Zone)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time_(The_Twilight_Zone)

    But after having mentioned that, I also feel that our lives are now way too hectic - we now have more info then ever at our fingertips (on the Internet) and we can instantly communicate with the world,  but that somehow didn't make our lives easier, more relaxed, or uncomplicated - it made our lives more hectic.

  7. I've always found it odd that the term "master" anything is used when there is no qualifying standard. I believe some trades (maybe plumbing and carpentry?) have levels of competency that starts at apprentice, and works toward being a master. I'm a fabricator. I've heard others refer to me as a "Master Fabricator", which I found odd, since there's no standard of competency to rate fabricators. Time, itself, is not a good gauge. I know fabricators with well over 20 years experience that just aren't that good. Likewise, I've been building models for more than 50 years, and am not at the level of the guys you all have mentioned above. It would be interesting to have, maybe, an annual event to qualify model builders as "Master Modelers". I would think there would be a set of standards, and one would have to meet those standards for, maybe, 5 years running (to prove consistency) to be awarded the title. This would not be a contest- there could be any number of titles given to anyone who qualified. Just a thought.


    That pretty much sums it up. My official title at work is "Master Engineer" but that really doesn't mean anything. It is just one pay-grade higher than "Senior Engineer".

    But like Harry said, being a Master of your domain is definitely good thing.  ;)

  8. Very nice additions (as usual).  So with English Language signs and European-style trailer, does the diorama represent some location in UK?  Or are there other countries in Europe where English language is used on signage?

    The style of the warning signs looks American to me, but maybe it is an international standard.  I live in US and until you added the forklift and the trailer, that diorama to me could have easily depicted  shipping docks in USA.

  9. Both FedEx and UPS use USPS  for the final part of the delivery for certain kinds of shipments.  Service like FedEx SmartPost is one such example where FedEx and USPS are both involved in the shipping process.  UPS does the same thing but I don't recall the name of that service.  But just lat week I have  received a package which had a UPS shipping label with both UPS and USPS tracking info on it.


    UPDATE: I think that service is called UPS Mail Innovations

  10. I usually buy a 1 gal. can and using a funnel I pour the thinner into 1 qt. can.  Then I use a turkey baster to dispense from the 1 qt. can into a smaller container for my current paint job.  I use a whiskey glass because is it bottom-heavy, very stable. and easy to clean.



    WARNING: Make sure that the turkey baster is either glass or a solvent-resistant polypropylene.  Some basters I've seen are molded from clear polystyrene.   Thinners such as acetone or lacquer thinner will attack and melt polystyrene.  I prefer polypropylene as glass can easily shatter.

    Polystyrene is usually crystal clear, hard, and has a somewhat metallic sound when tapped. Polypropylene is slightly milky or cloudy in appearance and it is not as hard. It also produces a duller sound when tapped.

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