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  1. Yes Super Clean (the Purple Stuff, etc.) has lye (sodium hydroxide) in it (same as in the original formula EasyOff). It is the lye which does most of the stripping (the other chemicals in Super Clean help too).  I was also surprised that Super Clean has not been mentioned yet.  It strips the metallic layer and the clear coat under it..  Keeping it the stripper warm also speeds up the stripping action.  By warm I mean around 90-100 F.

  2. I've used Chrome Tech for over 20 years & more recently Kustom Khrome.

    Never had a part lost either.



    I have also used Chrome Tech and while I don't recall any lost parts, times the quality of the plating was not as expected. There was fuzz or dust in the clear coat and some of the plating was not even.  While free re-plating service was offered, I declined - re-stripping and re-prepping bunch of parts was not something I wanted to do. After couple of those events I decided to take my business elsewhere.

  3. Steve is correct - airbrush propellant can be plain air or even CO2.  Speaking of which, a small tank of CO2 would be ideal as an airbrush propellant in an apartment.  No compressor noise.  While I have not tried it myself, I've heard that the tanks can be purchased or rented (and refilled) from diving supply stores or from soft drink distributors.  You would also need a pressure regulator.  But it is whisper quiet.  With an airbrush there is usually much less over-spray too.

  4. I never thought that Pacers were ugly (in a Pontiac Aztek sort of a way). Pacers to me were just different (in a good way). They sure had an interesting design (like the extremely low belt-line with lots of glass all around, or the asymmetrical doors).  But they sure were like a fish out of water when they fist came out (when other cars all looked like the squared-off Caprice-Classic mentioned earlier).  But what do I know - I drive the 1st gen Scion xB (the fridge, the toaster, da box . . .). I thought they were just ugly Japanse bricks when they first came out, but it grew on me. :)

  5. I agree.

    Takes me no more than 5 minutes to thoroughly clean my air brush after each use.


    Probably around 2 minutes for me.  I only spray organic-solvent paints (no water-based stuff). I do a thorough cleaning and disassembly about once a year (whether it needs it or not). I should make a video of how I clean my airbrush after each use to show the rattle-can-spayers that it is not the dreaded chore they've been told.  And no clogged spray-can nozzles or wasted paint. :)


    I just encountered (this morning) an otherwise reasonably intelligent "professional" woman who HAD NO IDEA THAT CALLER ID COULD BE FAKED.

    There are people out there who are more gullible and less paranoid than the average population. They don't really ponder things and will pretty believe (without questioning) anything they hear.

  7. Won't work with this style of fan spray nozzle.

    Believe me, I've tried.


    True, they use totally different valve in the can.

    We have the Testors type of a valve (stem in the nozzle plugs into the can), Tamiya spray valve (the can has a stem on which the nozzle gets installed), and the fan-spray valve (similar to Tamiya but there is also a metal rod which opens the valve). Neither of those 3 types is interchangeable. That is why using an airbrush is the ideal solution: decant any paint you want and have perfect control of the air pressure, paint volume and spray pattern. You can also make your own custom paint mixes. That dreaded airbrush cleanup after painting is really NOT-THAT-BAD!  Trust me. :D

  8. Wow, this post to me seems to show a typical mob-mentality (so prevalent in USA, especially since the Internet made it very easy to communicate one's opinions to thousands or millions of other like-minded people).  I did not watch the video at all (with all these comments I didn't find a need to do it).   There are all sort of really weird videos on the Internet - you can pretty much find anything.  Why don't we comment on all of those? It seems that the MCM mob picked their victim: some unsuspecting person or a modeler who 4 years ago made a video of doing a poor job assembling and painting a plastic model kit.  Really?!

    Maybe we should be chewing-out people who post videos of smashing all sorts of devices, frying them in microwaves, or putting them in a blender?  A plastic model in a blender?  How's that for a video?

  9. Yes Peter, I found that helpful; I sourced the carpet from such a supplier and was amazed at the extent of the accessories. Virtually all I found were 1/12 scale however. The carpet nap turned out perfect for 1/8 scale.

    But you are looking for tiny 1/8 scale vase which will most likely be a medium size 1/12 scale vase. Scale is irrelevant for object like that, or sometimes even can be used to your advantage.

  10. I also have been using PB free account for few years, problem-free.  I moved there from Imageshack.us when they killed off their free accounts (and I lost all the photos there - but had a backup).
    Today I got an email from PB apologizing for the recent outage due to some problem with a website update.  I am not on PB 7x24 so I didn't even notice a problem.

    I do hate their user interface (after the "new and exciting" update few years back). The ads don't bother me (I use AdBlock Plus).  Running Seamonkey Browser (yes, you've read correctly) on Win XP SP3 and Win 7.

  11. Neither a land-line (which is what I use) or caller ID will stop this craziness.  99% of the illegitimate sales or phishing calls spoof CallerID (one even showed my own phone number calling itself!). I'm also on the Do Not Call Registry and that doesn't seem to help.  So, it doesn't matter whether you use a land-line or a cell phone - they still find you.  I never used to pick up the phone but just having the phone ringing while I sleep (work night shift) or even when I'm up is annoying,  What I started doing recently is to pick up the phone and not say anything. If it is a human calling they will eventually say "hello". It is is a robo-call it waits for me to say something first before giving me the spiel. For those I just let the headset sit on the table for 15 minutes or so. They don't seem to be able to hang up so they have to pay someone for the 15 minute call.  That is probably nothing for them but it makes me feel better. :D

    As for the IRS scam calls, you should check this page and report them here.

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