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  1. The mnemonic for the resistor color code is racist and sexist, at least as it was taught to me



    The one we used in tech school was Bad boys rape our young girls but Violet gives willingly.

    Here is a nice compilation of bunch of them (including the raicst one).

    Form the clean versions I like this one: Better Buy Resistors Or Your Grid Bias Voltages Go West

  2. Guess I missed all those. Never asked for false praise. Just not being rude. 

    I'm just curious as to which specific statement in "Incredibly lifelike dio photos that lack life. While he is obviously very good at what he does, there are never any people in his shots. There are cars "driving" down the street with nobody inside! The lack pf people gives his photos sort of an eerie, "ghost town" quality. Of course , in some of his setups it's perfectly believable that there would not necessarily be any people in the shots... but in others the lack of people looks odd." is rude?

    To me that sounds like someone's honest opinion.

    I also think that no matter what Michael says, if he included people figures, the realism would be instantly lost. I have not see any 1:25 scale figures out there (no matter how well done) which would look like real humans.  You can instantly tell they are figures. Michael strives for ultra-realism by using natural (not modeled) backgrounds. Figures would ruin the illusion.

  3. I sure hope he does all the wiring and plumbing for that kind of coin..His models are more than just fantastic..I always though the stuff from Danbury Mint was nice, but Paul's models will out do theirs any day..Like in the car business, there is a bum for every seat..There is always someone who will pay for the model they want..

    If you look at the photo of the engine compartment in the eBay listing, it is built "box stock". No wiring or plumbing of any kind - only detail-painting. Again, it is the overall quality which brings the big bucks. There is another current thread in another part of this forum asking what a "Contest Quality" model is. Well, those models are perfect example. The clean and fastidious build makes these contest quality (even if they are not super-detailed).

  4. I'm sorry, 1. I would NEVER sell my models, and 2. I just can't justify that for someone elses work when I'd rather enjoy building it myself!

    You think like a modeler! :D

    Consider that there are plenty of collectors out there who don't have the skills, patience, or time to build beautiful models for a kit. Some of them buy diecast or resin models which are factory-assembled. But some of them can afford the pricier custom-handbuilt models.   I'm pretty sure they enjoy their models as much as you do.

    Going back to my Picasso analogy, there are people that have no artistic abilities to paint paintings but they gladly pay for someone else's work.

  5. I don't think it was all that bad.  Now if they had couple of model airplanes stuck in the towers, that would be in real bad taste.  Nowadays people seem to get their knickers in a twist and get offended by the smallest silliest things.

    It actually reminded me of when the twin-towers were still around. Kind of like when I look at the cover of the Supertramp's "Made in America" album.  I visited the WTC in the '70s and still have fond memories of that trip to NYC.

  6. I don't care for Microscale mask.  It is not latex-based (at least the old bottle I have) - it is more like thick gelatin. I still have a bottle of it somewhere (I only used it few times).

    But I do extensively use liquid masking in my modeling (but usually to protect gluing areas from paint).  The stuff I use is a custom mixture of the latex-based masking agents.  Most art-supply stores sell artist's liquid masking fluid. That is a very thin liquid which dries to a thin layer of stretchable latex. But that is usually too thin for my needs.  I get some thick liquid mask (used to mask PC boards in electronic industry) and mix it with the thin liquid mask.  That gives me a thicker masking fluid - perfect for what I need.

    Micro-Mark also sell liquid mask, but it is similar to the Microscale mask - not liquid-latex-based.


    213413%5B5%5D.jpg Mixed with something like this.


    Anyway,thanks for the answers,maby nothing sinister about it but i see red flags all over the place with this method. But that is just me.

    There are literally millions of packages shipped using that method without any problems. I repeat, when you print out a postage-paid label with tracking info at home using the post office website (or an app) the tracking info update shows that a label was created, not that the item was shipped. The label can be created to ship the item next day or from a post office different than the ZIP code in the shipping address shows. But only after the package is accepted by a postal employee the tracking info shows it being accepted by the post office.

    I don't see any red flags in this process.

  8. Since we got into other dimensions, I believe that we still know very little of about the universe which surrounds us. I also suspect that our brains are incapable of comprehending the actual composition of the universe.  I also suspect that partially because of that our brains do something to compensate, but that would be crossing the line into religion, so I won't continue.

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