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  1. Other than Yorkshire where I live, Vancouver Island is my favourite place on earth. steve
  2. In York just now. Not sure what it is but think French. steve
  3. Each to their own, but that is just the sort of kit I like to build. steve
  4. Whatever category it’s posted in, that is a superb model., with great attention to detail. steve
  5. Love those old black & whites! Not what you wanted to see in your mirror as you cruised the highway in your jalopy… steve
  6. Would love to get hold of one but doubt it will ever appear in UK outlets. Ordering from the US is possible but shipping would be costly. steve
  7. ‘lectric Porsche. First one I’ve seen. There was a Panamera in another part of the same car park. steve
  8. A long time favourite of mine is The Driver, with Ryan O'Neal and Bruce Dern. O'Neal is a top getaway driver and Dern goes crazy trying to catch him. Lots of good car sequences, especially the one where he wipes out a big Mercedes saloon in an underground car park. None of the characters have names, which adds another dimension to the story. Another one is Repo Man. Totally bonkers but funny and weird at the same time. Stars Harry Dean Stanton and Emelio Estevez trying to repossess a Chevy Malibu that might contain aliens. steve
  9. Yes, a couple of years ago. Didn't move me at all, found it to be meandering nonsense. steve
  10. ‘67 Roadrunner with big steelies, stripped out interior, roll cage and side exhausts. A lean, mean street machine with a late night vibe. steve
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