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  1. @The Junkman Steve, UK registration numbers are allocated nationally by the Driver & Vehicle Licencesing Agency to the vehicle, not the owner. (Personalised plates are allowed but have to be part of the number plate register.) No numbers are duplicated. Each year new vehicles are given as part of the number, a year designation; there are 2 per year, every 6 months. For instance, the reg no of my Peugeot is WF55 XYP. The 55 means it was first registered in the second half of 2005. However, kit cars, rods and other 'specials' can apply for an old, out of use, number either fro
  2. A rare beast over here, especially on the High Street of a small market town. steve
  3. A great score there Ace. Best looking steam loco of all time in my book, especially with those drivers. I had looked at the later MTH version but the price was out of my reach and anyway, my layout is too small for one. Good luck with your layout project. steve
  4. That Valiant. Hmmm...one flat, plus missing a hub cap and a petrol cap. Needs some TLC? steve
  5. According to the Driver & Vehicle Registration people it was first registered on 24th July 1995. It's still at the garage and I suspect John the garage owner is doing it up for selling. steve
  6. Olly purrs when I make fuss of her but rarely talks. Unless she's in her basket going anywhere in the car, then she never stops complaining! šŸ˜€ steve
  7. I do wonder about Olly sometimes... steve
  8. I started being interested in hot rods and modelling them in the mid 1960s. At the time I read any mags I could get hold of, not always easy in the UK then, and pored over them for reference. I am pretty certain that "bomber seats" didn't feature in any of the cars I saw in those publications; it was all tuck & roll, usually in Naugahyde. Since returning to the hobby 40 years later, there they are. Three questions if I may: 1) Were they used in post war rods and then fell out of fashion? 2) If so, when did their usage restart? 3) Can anyone recommend a good source of 1/
  9. It's a bit odd but I rather like it. Reminds me of the tinplate cars of my youth. steve
  10. Iā€™d take a 1:1 of that bin a heartbeat! Excellent build. steve
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