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  1. 2 hours ago, Nitrobarry said:

    I love the concept. It`s good to know those folks who don`t get a chance to go to an NHRA national event can still have the nitro experience at divisional races closer to home. I like it!


    Thank you very much - I believe that, like the injected nitro dragsters, once they get their tune-ups where they need to be, these cars will fly!

  2. Thank you! The absence of sponsor decals was intentional; I wanted the car to be as uncluttered as possible. I promise my next funny car, which is a Porsche 924 and is currently in the works, will have sponsor decals.

  3. 9 hours ago, M W Elky said:

    Nice color combo it’s cool to see someone build a modern funny car. Great job 

    Thank you very much! Your "Build The Covers" series is very intriguing - it takes a lot of patience to build those. 

  4. Hi, All; 

    This is my completed Mustang injected nitro funny car that I completed this week. More photos of the build can be found in the WIP Drag Racing section. Many thanks to Randy Meyer Racing (Julie Nataas)

    and Mick Steele Racing as well as the NHRA for the inspiration to build it. Thanks for looking and comments welcome.




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  5. 5 hours ago, Straightliner59 said:

    Another unique, and interesting idea from your bench! I'm trying to remember who had the Mercedes FC, back in the '80s. They made the body molds from a rental car! It's not urban legend, either. Your Porsche is very cool! One suggestion, when you redo it--Everything at the front of the car that is below the bumper should be at least as far forward as the bumper. The bottom edge of the front of the car should be the farthest forward part of the body. It's definitely sweet looking!

    Many thanks - like I stated previously, it was your dragster that is going to influence everything that I build going forward. 

    German racer Rico Anthes was the guy who raced a Mercedes alcohol funny car; I remember reading about it about 30 years ago.




  6. 14 hours ago, TarheelRick said:

    A Porsche funny car would definitely be a rich-man's game.  Looking forward to the rebuild.

    Thanks - actually, the 924 was originally designed by Volkswagen, but  Porsche bought the rights to the car. I used to own a 1980 model and had a blast with it!

  7. Hi, All;

    This is going to be a rebuild of a model that I built almost 7 years ago for a show hosted by a club that I formerly was a member of. I want to build it more correctly as a funny car that would've run in the early to mid 1980's and with better craftsmanship. These are some of the original build photos. Thanks for looking and comments welcome.










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  8. 2 hours ago, Ian McLaren said:

    A nice clean well executed model and as Daniel said , something a little different. The detail work on the chassis and in particular the engine is great.  I'll be watching for your next project.

    Thank you very much - I'm learning a lot just from observing your Camaro build as well as Daniel's dragster. I'll be posting my next project soon.

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  9. Hi, All;

    The car as seen here is completed. I'll polish it up a bit and post it in the Drag Racing section in the next day or so. Many thanks to those who stopped by for a look and especially those of you who left a comment. They were very inspirational.

    I'll be posting a new WIP shortly. Thanks again!






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