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  1. Its a bestmodelcarparts resin trans kit mate, he sells them on ebay but you'll need a tamiya bug donor He does a 57 too
  2. Cool project, these look pretty sweet in vip style
  3. The long parts look like the ones used on the vehicle lift
  4. I got the truck painted this morning. I'll give it a very light flatting before decals, then give the whole thing a coat of clear
  5. I painted the van this morning. Right up until I picked up the can it was going to be white or black but for some unknown reason I knowingly picked up the gold pearl instead followed by hok brandywine. I guess this means the interior is going to be tan leather with a matching dash (onlt because I forgot to paint it and matching the body will be near impossible now. Not easy to get a good pic of the colour but it closer to the dark pic where you can see my attempts to block the flash after i gave up trying to figure out my camera, lol. I'm going to let it sit for a couple of days before I clear
  6. Nice work, it looks like one of the Aussie show cars
  7. If it evergreen strips ordinary poly cement bons pretty quick so you wouldn;t need to worry too much about bending it if its thin strips, Just hold it in place for a few minutes with clamps and within ten mins you can take them off. It doesn't seem to work with plastruct though so I would use super glue there if its not too tight and rought up both bonding surfaces first so it bonds better. Be sparing with both cos it can be a pain it it squishes out and wastes a lot of time
  8. I only work one week (84 hours) in four including a couple days to get used to days again, I'm at the bench every day. I dont have a seperate model room, my living room is my model room and I got rid of my tv to make room for my bench
  9. My custom order wheels arrived from Dimitry at diolex production today. He already does these rims in15" sizes but I asked if it would be possible to get them in 17" for the radas and raiders (both sets of 5 spokes) and 18" for the brms I also got one of the mk2 golf rallye 3d prints which is for the fujimi golf kits And from ARM in france I got a 3dr mk3 golf resin but the rear windows look too short to me
  10. I assure you its not, the guy doing the work is using all the original parts he can. Sure theres a lot of new metal but mark spicer is not someone that replaces the entire panel, he uses the new panels for patches but most is original metal and more original paint than the as found pic would let you think. I reccomend taking an hour or two to read through it, theres much more work than just driving a new one under it
  11. Thought this might interest some of you. This is the second vw samba ever built and it is being restored in a very different way. It was found after being left for decades in a german forest/field so it was in a very poor state. The resto is different to most as they are saving as much original metal and believ it or not paint as possible. In the pics of the resto all the sealing wax red areas are original paint. When you see the as found pics its hard to believe anyone would restore it https://blog.entfallteiledienst.de/ Its a german site but its all written in english
  12. I've done it, I used grey primer then white primer followed by the top coats
  13. Nice job, I didn't realise the parts to build it stock were included. Still have a soft spot for the euro fords. Is it 1/25 or 1/24?
  14. maybe usps are in charge of delivering them, lol
  15. I think I'll stick with my vented outside booth, the vent is why i have it cos the fumes hurt me
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