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  1. You should be able to thin it with acrylic thinners as its just thick automotive acrylic usually which is why they use it on nails. I use duplicolour primers a or tamiya. I find tamiya thinners good most of the time but a couple have gone gummy
  2. I'm just excited to get one. These were the cars my age group aspired to in school and while its a race car i'm sure one of the european aftermarket will bring out a stock interior like has happened with the bmw rally car and the escort. The engine bay is already available from uscp in their cosworth engine set as the escort cosworth was more sierra than escort. From memory the only difference was the escort had a little shorter bay but otherwise nothing really changed. I think these will sell very well in the uk simply due to the fact ford is the largest part of the 1/1 aftermarket. If you lo
  3. white pepper will stop the dogs doing their business mate, just scatter it over the yard and the dogs wont want to go
  4. The tamiya rattle cans are pretty good. They flow nicely and are very forgiving in how they work. I like them and as long as your prep is good you shouldn't have any problems
  5. I've struggled to find a magnifier that works for me. I have tried the freestanding ones but after a few minutes my eyes hurt from the warped views they give. Do these magnify the entire area you are looking at or are they the same?
  6. Nice work Tom, this kit builds up really well and I think its one of the best bug kits
  7. Turns out i bought the wrong kit, I was sure i ordered the k3 but after checking its the k2. Ah well, just an excuse to get the right one
  8. Nice work mate, I see your drivers door isn't warped like mine is on the rear corner
  9. Very cool, I like the engine mods too, they're a nice way to update these cars and everyone wants a red top 16v
  10. and those three fit that description perfectly, last years branson begged for a bailout for his airline while pumping cash into his space program and actively lobbied the government to open up air travel to countries that were being innundated with the virus, bezos staff get no time for bathroom breaks and he actively avoids paying taxes, musk told his staff at tesla if they didn't come to work during a mandated lockdown they would be fired yet still people only see wealth as giving them the right to do this. We all pay our share of taxes, yet its us that have to bail out them when things
  11. I keep my opened ones in the fridge as heat affects them too, and once the molotowe has been opened, the air that gets in causes the reaction in the chrome. It can still be used in the revell acrylic paint though as a mixer to get metallic colours. For example those small pots of aluminium revell give you in the starter sets, when they get down to half full i top them up with old molotowe and I have polished aluminum colour, or can be used to give a dirty look to already cleared chrome. Sure its not chrome anymore but it can still be used for other stuff
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