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  1. On 9/19/2019 at 7:17 PM, MarkJ said:

    You're welcome. 

    I guess Louise drove several different cars but in the only photos I've seen, she has the same #94. I ordered a few sets of decals from Slot Car Fever (thanks for the source!) including some for Louise's Nash. I also ordered Cars 3 DVD from Netflix. I enjoyed the first two. Her car character looks like a Nash, which makes sense since she drove a Nash Ambassador in some races.

    In the photo of her '49 Ford, it looks like they did a quick cover up paint job on the door to change sponsors. Pretty rough looking car by today's glitzy stock car standards! I'm going to wait for the decals before deciding on the paint scheme. Meanwhile, if any of yall find more photos, please post 'em.


    Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 11.32.19 AM.png

  2. Cool. Love the wagon and the purple Lincoln. I did a few hobby cars on weekends with some friends. This was one my last projects, a 1957 Chevy Sedan Delivery. It was a rust bucket basket case. New floors, rockers ... well pretty much everything. Found and rebuilt a small block 400 and auto trans. 6 years and god knows how much money, but it was fun.



  3. Yes David, it's 1:24 West Coast Precision Diecast. They've been out of production for a while but are beautiful models with exquisite details. I had about twenty in my last collection but I sold my entire model collection when I moved in 2017. I missed it too much, so got back into it a little to enthusiastically!

  4. That's my favorite of all the Chevelle body styles. Keep us posted on your build. Love that color. I built one in a similar color many years ago. I wish I'd kept this one but sold it with my entire collection when I moved a couple of years ago.

    small 69 CHEVELLE.jpg

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