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  1. I'm thinking of doing this one as the '49 Ford that Louise Smith drove.

    Louise Smith (July 31, 1916 in Barnesville, Georgia – April 15, 2006) was tied for the second woman to race in NASCAR at the top level. She was known as "the first lady of racing."[1]

    She went as a spectator to her first NASCAR race at the Daytona Beach Road Course in 1949. She could not stand watching the races, so she entered her family's shiny new Ford coupe in the race and rolled it. Her hometown Greenville, South Carolina paper featured photos of the wreck, and the town knew about it before she got home.[2] The race was the first race to feature three female drivers (Ethel Mobley and Sara Christian). The trio also competed later that season at the Langley Speedway.

    She raced from 1949 to 1956. She won 38 races in her career in numerous formats: late models, modifieds (28 victories), midgets, and sportsman.



    '49 FORD NASSCAR.jpg

  2. On 6/3/2019 at 9:38 AM, MrObsessive said:

    Pleasant eBay story here:

    About a year ago I was looking for the Danbury Mint 1956 Buick Roadmaster Four Door.  I came across a seller that had a very nice one with only one issue----one of the fender ornaments was missing. He was asking I believe $80.00 which I saw as a very good price as those can be mighty pricey since they're no longer available.

    Well, much to my surprise when I got the package, I opened it up and the model wasn't a '56 Buick, it was a Danbury Mint '55 Olds 88 Convertible! :o

    I contacted the seller and he apologized profusely. He said that in the rush to get things out the door, he got the items mixed up as that was another one of his diecasts he had on auction. I offered to send the Olds back in exchange for the Buick, but he told me that instead of that, why don't I just keep the Olds and pay another $25 if I wanted, since it up to that point it had no takers. I said "DEAL"!! :D

    I got a pristine condition Danbury Mint '55 Olds ragtop WITH its original box and papers and in the next couple days he had sent the Buick with no charge for the shipping. Now THAT's what I call an excellent eBayer!

    I've bought and sold hundreds of model cars on eBay over the last few years and I've done exactly the same thing; got mixed up and sent the wrong models to two buyers. I too apologized profusely and sent them prepaid return labels, then shipped them to the correct buyers. They both cooperated but it was a little embarrassing.

  3. On 8/31/2019 at 9:16 PM, Tom Geiger said:


    You can make your own decals!  I made these, printed on white decal paper.  You could always paint the small area where you want the decal a lighter color, then apply the decal on clear stock over that.   

    Hi Tom. Thanks for the reply. Your decals look really good, but they're a darker color on a light colored background. I owned a screen print shop for about twenty years and, until they came out with Max-opaque inks, to print spot colors on a dark shirt, we needed to print a white base coat, then print the colors over the white. It's sorta like the decals.

    I've designed and printed decals for a few models but, without the ability to print a white base coat, the ink jet decals are not opaque enough for colors to stand out on a dark background. I'm experimenting with some different papers and coatings and there are a few desk top laser printers available now that will print full color plus white, but they're a little too expensive for my hobby budget: https://www.micromark.com/Ghost-White-Toner-and-HP-Printer-Bundle



  4. Update: Got the body stripped and primed tonight. Another coat of primer coming before painting. Got the the dump bed attached and painted flat black. Will do some weathering on it. Trying to decide on a color for the body.



  5. Outstanding! Did you BMF all of the trim? I've never had much luck with it myself.

    I know what you mean about lighting. Believe me, it takes more and more the older you get!


  6. 5 hours ago, Seann Anderson said:

    That’s not a bad idea about keeping a hobby site. For what little free lance I do, I could keep that content on there as well. I may have to do that now.

    I had been using Adobe Muse for years but last year they announced they would not be supporting it much longer. The did the same thing with Fireworks, a great little app that was like a simplified Photoshop. Typical Adobe. Anyway, I found another easy to use web app called Sparkle, and have been using it for the past two years. If you're interested, you can download a free trial version here:


    They have excellent support too.


  7. 1 hour ago, Seann Anderson said:


    That's really cool to know about a fellow designer on the board. I could tell you knew what you were doing when I saw how well your logos were organized on the sheet. 


    Yeah, cool to know a fellow designer that's into model cars too! I had a portfolio site until last year. I had been retired for several years and didn't see a need. Then, while installing Windows on my iMac so I could run one, old model car catalog app, I managed to erase my hard drive and my external Time Machine drive, so I lost a lot of my work. Oh well, I've gotten into doing my hobby sites and back into model building and collecting. I played a lot of music in my day, so here's another site I'm having fun doing: http://rockthesquares.com/


  8. 1 hour ago, MarkJ said:

    John, you peaked my interest about the laser printer with white toner cartridge. I found that office depot has that printer on sale now for under 300 dollars. The ghost white toner is more expensive then that  though, but i'm sure some one else must sell it cheaper then what micro mark sell it for. I just wonder what I would use for decal paper with a laser printer. also you have to print the decal first with the black toner and then with the white toner and if the paper is not aligned perfectly the second time through, small contengencie decals could really get messed up. Its something that I will keep up with because I would eventually like to print my decals on clear paper and white opaque color being put down instead of using white decal paper and  an inkjet printer like I use now. Im afraid one day there will be no more inkjet printers or white decal paper.

    Hi Mark. Thanks for the reply. MicroMark has this paper for their laser printer: https://www.micromark.com/Clear-On-Blue-Decal-Paper-For-Laser-Printers_2

    I've dealt with a lot of print color registration in various mediums, and can't see a regular ink jet printer paper handling something this small. I'll check out Office Depot's printer you mentioned. I can see a large market for these laser printers if anyone gets the price down to where it's affordable for hobby folks.

  9. Impressive work, Seann. Thanks for the reply. You're correct about the home made decals not being opaque enough to use on dark substrates. MicroMark has a decal printer that will print full color plus white ink, but at $800, it's not in my budget.


    I retired in 2013 after owning a small ad agency for twenty years. Besides doing a lot of logo and print design for clients, we also had a screen print and embroidery shop, and a vinyl graphics shop. I did freelance brand development for a couple of years after closing the agency during the great recession.

    I always enjoyed learning new stuff and still do. I keep my full Adobe CC up to date and use Illustrator for the logos and decals, and Photoshop for the photos on my site and posts here and other forums.

  10. Making progress. Got the body mostly stripped but the cab is back in an acetone bath over night. Got some Tamyi grey primer on the hood and doors, and some channel glued to the frame to raise the dump body height. Now I gotta decide on colors and decals.



    Wrecker stripped.jpg

  11. 22 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

    Nice project. I've recently been very impressed by some of the Danbury Mint die-cast vehicles. Unfortunately, the quality can be a little uneven, but overall, I think they're about the best in 1/24 scale.

    The best die cast in  my collection are WCPD. Amazing detail.

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