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  1. That's nice work, Dan. Looks like you're pretty good with Photoshop. I had a small ad agency and was in the branding business for decades. When you decide on a name, I'd enjoy running a couple of logo ideas by you. I'm retired now, but still keep the full Adobe CC suite, iStock, etc. I loving doing this stuff and never take "no thanks" personally.



  2. Well, it’s Christmas Eve and things are hoppin’ at Shambles Motors. We got covered up with orders for these Mopars and the guys are working late trying to get ‘em delivered. Frank wants to hire Connie (that's them talking there on the corner) for a secretary/sales associate and it looks like we may need her. She’s an assistant sales manager at Costco and hates her job. She’s a looker so I’ll have to make sure Frank keeps his mind on bidness.

    We’ve got a carrier picking up some Chevy muscle across Florida so we’re gonna be busy after Christmas! Yall stay tuned.


    xmas eve.jpg

  3. I've been experimenting with photographing models and dioramas for several years. After trying a few different cameras, I've come to find that the new iPhone camera is hard to beat. My sister is a retired professor of photography and says the same thing. I'm a retired graphic designer/art director and still subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. I'm certainly not an expert in Photoshop or photography, but enjoy this kind of stuff.

    Here is my latest attempt using the iPhone "pano" feature and an hour or two in Photoshop for the background landscape, Shambles logo, and forground "weeds". The other is a garage scene with a printed background and accessories I found on eBay and other model car sites. The garage photos are an initial rough of the diorama concept that I'm working on. Both will be ongoing.


    Night at the shop.jpg


  4. 4 hours ago, espo said:

    I was watching your build early on but haven't checked in for a while. I think it's looking good since that era of race cars never had the finished appearance we expect today.  If you should want to try to build a correct '51 Ford at a future date check out Star Models. They're listed under the After Market/Resin section on the Forum. They offer several different versions of the '49 thru '51 Fords. I have built a couple of his Crestliner trim versions with the sedans longer roof. He also has a '51 Ford Custom line with the longer roof, correct Grill and Dash and Interior. As a young man I owed a couple of '51,s and for me the tip off on your original picture would have been the Hood Ornament as well as the driver's front fender trim. The Dash and Steering Wheel  in the '51 is very different than the '49 or '50 also as well as the Grill. All needed parts are in the Star Resin kit. 

    Thanks, David. I didn't know there were models of this with the longer roof. I've got too many on the bench right now, but will keep Star Models in mind if I do another Ford of that era.

  5. I admire your attention to authentic detail. I'm definitely gonna follow you on this! When I was in high school, my dad had the only cool car he ever owned; a 1968 Dodge Dart GT. It had the 273 and automatic transmission. Not a real 'muscle car' but still cool compared to what I drove to school ; Mom's hand-me-down '63 Dodge station wagon. Every now and then, Dad would let me take the Dart out for a date. Of course, the wagon with the seats folded down was more popular with my friends for double dates to the drive in.

  6. On 11/21/2019 at 6:27 PM, tbill said:

    Funny thing is, I really want to build a truck stop diorama, but I'd have to add on to the house......

    I know what you mean. I just moved my diorama from the model room to the garage for more space.

  7. I'm working on a new garage diorama but every time I bump the table the least, everything falls over. What do yall recommend for securing the figures and other stuff to the base? I don't want it to be permanent and thought maybe something like silly putty or hot wax. Any suggestions?



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