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  1. On 11/5/2019 at 7:39 PM, Greg Rogers said:

    John, great job. Wow what really caught my eye is the wrecked #25 in your pic. That looks amazing!! How did you do that??

    Hi Greg. I've been into wrecking model cars about as long as I've been building them. Mostly, I use either a soldering torch or a hobby heat gun, then carefully bend the panels. Sometimes I'll take them apart first, then bend the components and put them back together. I've got a page on my website with a few of my more recent ones: http://www.shamblesmodels.com/wrecked.html


  2. Excellent idea, and great job so far. This gift will mean a lot to your dad. I've built hundreds of model cars in my 67 years. Lately, I've been buying some older kits on eBay to restore or make into 1-off early era Nascars. My daughter (my only child) never got into the hobby so it's encouraging to see some young people into it. Keep us posted.

  3. Hey Steve, yeah I got some of those chrome pens recently and they're great! I've tried BMF a few times with not-so-great results. Back in my younger days, I could do almost as good with a small brush but my eyes just ain't that good anymore. I've got a few more Pro Shop kits in my stash but need to finish two or three other builds before starting another one. I've also started on a new diorama. I posted a starting shot in the diorama forum.

  4. Thanks, yall. Yes, the roll bar is resting on the rear arm rests in the photo, but will be shortened to windshield height when I'm done with the painting and glue the tonneau cover to the body. That cover was in the original box with some of the other loose parts so IDK if it came with the kit or not. That old AMT Mercury convertible kit in the bottom photo has a cover, but that kit had the "racing" option.

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