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  1. Some of my best paint jobs were achieved using Krylon or Rustoleum rattle cans from the hardware store. There are so many variables, it's usually hit-or-miss.

    I was just on ModelCarWorld looking for a certain color blue. I've been searching for any printed color charts that model paint manufacturers might have to see if I can match the blue of the slotcarfever decals for the Louise Smith 49 Nascar Ford I'm trying to recreate. Computer screens display colors differently, so it's hard to match without some kind of printed reference. Yall know of any sources for model paint color charts?



  2. I've had this issue a few times over the years. Sometimes I'd forget to wash the body first to get rid of any remaining mold release agents (Dawn dishwashing liquid is good). Depending on the temperature, sometimes I'll submerse the spray can in warm water for 20 - 30 mins, then shake vigorously for a couple of minutes.

  3. 2 hours ago, MarkJ said:

    So you don't think Slot car fever got the colors right. Usually they are pretty accurate.

    Yes, I just got the decals from them and they're probably correct so that's what I'll go with. Blue background, yellow numbers, black sponsor letters.


    2 hours ago, MarkJ said:

    Just curious why you think its a 51 and not a 50. I googled both of them and they have similar fender emblems and the moulding  with the horizontal feature lines right above the end of the front  bumper  look the same.

    Thanks for all the input and interest. One of the kits I'm using is the AMT '49 Tournament of Thrills. The other is the AMT '49 Club Coupe. I assume they're both from the same AMT molds. I have two unopened AMT kits; a 1950 convertible and another '49 coupe. I don't know if Louise actually ever raced a '49 but I'm not talented enough to make a totally accurate reproduction. I ordered two sets of the Slot Car Fever decals. As you can see in the photo, the blue background doesn't reach the ends of the body. Any suggestions?




  4. 2 hours ago, Deathgoblin said:

    If that had been done correctly, that could've been neat.  The person should have just highlighted the high points and peaks but not the seams and shut lines.  It's too busy.  

    Nice build. I just don't have the patience to do resin kits. That guy with the black car must have had an extra case or two of red pin striping.

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