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  1. So, new kit in hand but it’s the Revell American kit vs the German kit. My theory proved correct that the Revell American hood would fit and does amazingly with no mods to it! The hood from the Germany kit required copious amounts of sanding to fit. Painted black last week and went to put the hood stripe decal on it today but the friggin’ decal fragmented on me worse then the Germany (Italy printed decals) did… Frustrated as this kit has fought me EVERY step of the way that I said screw it! I masked off the hood, grabbed my Badger Patriot and Cortez Silver Splash Paint and sprayed the hood stripe… I was going to attempt the red pinstripes on the hood but I said no. They are much too thin and I just NEED to be done with this. So I’ll add the “L-82” graphics, clear it tomorrow and do the final assembly once the clear cures. It’s been a long few months with this…I wanna be done! Stay tuned, the finish line is in sight!
  2. Thanks George! I know the fire LED that Evan's sells and to be honest, you could easily set the LED into the dumpster amongst the garbage and use a cotton batting to simulate smoke from the ensuing fire. The flickering of the LED will simulate the flames and will cast shadows from the garbage. Honestly, I don't think you'd need the clear printed flames at all. Evans Designs Flickering Fire LED Kit.
  3. well...I am STILL using Firefox and I was able to page through this entire topic without having to Right Click on each page number and select open in new tab. That is the first time in about 2 years! Nice work Dave...my patience level is restored (or is it just because it's a full moon tonight?)
  4. I use Splash Paints over Mr. Surfacer Primer for the most part. I have always applied decals first then Splash 2K Clear about a week later. Never had an issue...so far. I have also used Splash 2K Clear over buffed Bare Metal Foil and the BMF came out looking like chrome. The chrome trim on this Bronco was Splash 2K Clear over buffed BMF.
  5. Using Firefox, I still have to right click and select "Open link in New Tab" to see additional pages of a topic. Lately, I am getting a message that the current page is slowing down Firefox with an option to stop it from loading. Essentially, I see no changes with Firefox but greatly appreciate the effort.
  6. I hate this kit...now more than ever but with easily 100 hours in it, I really don't want to bail on it completely. Unfortunately, I don't have another hood nor the decals for the hood stripe. Talked to my brother and he ordered another kit. Large price to pay for whatever happened but, poop happens. he'll have it by thanksgiving and bring it with him. It just sucks and I wish I knew what happened!
  7. So this officially peed in my wheaties!!! after I painted the hood…and it was fine. It was primed and painted with Splash Paints. it was perfect! 2 weeks later I put the decals (yes, they fragmented too but I was able to align it) for the hood stripe on and I don’t know if it was the heat of my hands or the micro sol but the left side warped on me. Car is toast now… any thoughts other than a new kit for the hood and decals?
  8. All I can say is DDDAAAAAYYYYY-MMMMNNNN CRUZ! Can't wait to see this one in person at MAMA's!
  9. Got into the paint booth today. About an hour of careful masking to leave the thin silver band between the red pinstripe and upper body. I’m happy with it so far. It’s my most elaborate paint job yet! I love me some Splash Paints!!!!!! Next step is to let this cure a week or so and lightly wet sand, then decals and 2K clear. cleaned up the tires a bit also…
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