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  1. looks like what would be the end result of a Corvette having sex with a Bugatti...with the Bugatti having the dominant gene!
  2. I did nearly the same thing as you when I was replicating my brother's Vette... http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/149513-2005-c6-corvette-convertible-revell/?tab=comments#comment-2223569
  3. Absolutely helps! Many thanks! I’ll keep you posted!
  4. yeah, I agree...Going to have to find a way to do it. I don't trust my meager talent blending the front valance, even with it being black paint. One more question regarding the wiring under the hood. you've compelled me to at least try to go to that level of detail. Where did you find insulated wire that small? I'm assuming it's a combination of smaller gauge wire. To stick a boogar in the works, I plan on stuffing a Viper Engine under the hood. Test fitting it tells me it will fit convincingly so (note, image shot prior to removing the molded in battery and washer bottle)...
  5. Andrew,,,your build on this has my interest and loosing momentum and drive for about 2 months, you've renewed my interest, so to speak. I started working on a "variation" of Dom's GTX from the F-n-F series that Revell put out not too long ago. I like the idea behind Hot Rods and Customs where I can use my imagination and not necessarily restrict myself to what was or was not on the actual car when it was produced. I'm not knocking anyone that builds replica stock, it's just not me...that's all. Like someone said, it's your model, build it the way you want. I love your engine bay, the
  6. "You made a Time Machine? OUT OF A MODEL CAR KIT???!!!!" Outstanding!!!!
  7. I'm late to the party on this one but, as I have said before...I hate big-a** chunky bumpers so I'm loving this!
  8. Looks like a great candidate for my buffing process... Buffing tool
  9. Larry, please don't get me wrong...I thought the quality of the paper was above par. All things considered, the magazine is impressive and informative with lots of great content and not boring in the slightest. Every time I finished an article, I'm reminded of the words my female English Professor, Miss Rankin, told me..."Any short story (or article in this case) should be like a woman's hemline...long enough to cover the subject and just short enough to hold your attention and still be interesting!" I have to admit, her physical demonstration of that definition helped to instill that i
  10. Larry...got my copy today and thumbed through and read a few of the articles. Nice to see this magazine getting back on its feet. Well laid out with great, well rounded and detailed content regardless of the model building skill level of the reader. There’s something for everyone interested in the automotive modeling hobby! One thing I noticed, besides the great coverage, was the quality of the paper stock. I wrote for Toy Cars and Models until it’s death a few years ago and always hated the thin rag that was used. Barely heavier than glossy toilet paper! It was one of the thin
  11. Has anybody ever dealt with Fugu Garage? I see they are located in Moscow, Russia
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