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  1. Hi Bill and nice to hear from you. Thanks for the links, I'll take em I'm not big on build threads but I'll try and start one for this bad boy in the hopes that it would help other kit owners and would be owners.
  2. Hello, I waited a good bit before posting as I wanted to give it a real shot on my own. But I'm really in need of some help with HRMs Miller 91. To say that the instructions are hard to follow would be an understatement. Does any one have pictures of a finished kit? I'd like to post what I have so far but man I can't even start it! I'd love some close ups, spring mount locations etc... I actually don't even know exactly what I need other that a lot? And before any one suggests this, I've called Harold a few times and got the infamous old "look on the internet..." The kit itself was very expensive for me albeit worth every penny I'm sure. So I'd rather not buy a very expensive book on the subject and hope you all don't suggest this. I feel really really stupid and frustrated posting you've no idea. I've read posts from a very prolific and amazing builder on this forum who says that kit instructions are for those who don't know how to build. So I shamelessly say that yes I don't know how to build but would love to be a great builder. And lastly I'm trying to build this as a dedication to Harold as he mentioned that while this kit was his best seller, few if any have built it. And judging by the instructions I can see why. So I'd love to build it and show every one what a wonderful kit that it is.
  3. Hello, I usually don't reply to build threads or built threads as I've nothing to add of ANY value and just about every build I see here is awesome and every one posts as such. However it seems ppl have missed this one so I don't feel foolish in posting. Your build is awesome and inspired me to buy this kit. I'm actually looking to buy it and have my eye on a few on eBay. At any rate very very very nice and I'm certain this slipped through the cracks as you would have seen many replies otherwise. You're a great builder no doubt!
  4. Hello, I've picked up a nice Revell Pontiac Banshee kit however it's missing the decals. Would any one be willing to part with a set?
  5. Would any kind soul have to have a Monogram Slant Nose front windshield that they'd be willing to part with?
  6. Ah good point and thanks Roger. Yep looks like it's inline 6 then
  7. Thanks Roy. The primer does look cool now that you mention it. It's Krylon ColorMaxx Matte Deep Grey primer + paint. I'm fixing my inline 6 as we speak
  8. Wow now this is unforeseen and very very cool as I assumed my post would evaporate into oblivion. You've inspired me to keep going so I'll at least fix up the exhaust. Here is a fellow and excellent builder who has done one of these; http://24th-scale.blogspot.com/2016/06/abarth-ot-1300-almost-done.html This kit was released by MFH but is a garage kit of sorts, if you can call it that. You can still find it on eBay etc... but man it's a tough one. But then again I'm a very junior builder so maybe easier in more capable hands.
  9. Why thank you Monsignor Ace. It's my understanding and I think that an inline 6 is very smooth and would be fitting of this cool customer. So a 6 it will be. The head liner which is also on parts of the seats and door panels is off of a model railroad site. One site looks like grates but the other looks like it's tufted/quilted.
  10. Thanks dude. It just dawned on me that I have to make the glass as well. Arrgghhh, well it is what it is.
  11. Hello, So I'm fairly burnt on the following project and have shelved it for now. It's an Abarth OT1300 that I'm using TrueColor paint on which is AWESOME paint BTW. The chassis was so warped that it spun like a bottle and took me a good while to flatten. It had this odd way of attaching the front and rear hood/trunk. So I made them open and close and also fit better although it may not look like much at this point. The chassis is painted in a custom color that I made mixing silver with baby blue so that it's a sort of pale blue metal that the reference pictures inside the kit showed. I widened the rear wheels and detailed them up a bit. In process of trying to build this thing, I had destroyed the headers and distributor and started to make my own headers which sucked big time. After several attempts in following suggestions on this site, I came up with simply using 45 and 90 degree Plastruct tubing bits and all it needs is some filling and sanding. But the bends are about right for my liking. At any rate it is what it is.
  12. PS Actually burgundy was the color that I was looking at.
  13. Hello, So I'm fairly burnt on the following project and have shelved it for now. It's a Chevy of which I bought off eBay but came with a warped body. So I bought a Flintstone chop top and realized that it was too chopped and squared for my liking. I spent oodles and oodles of time making it bigger and more rounded. The body may not look like much but it represents too much off of my life. The interior door panels having a diamond pattern were made a bit over sized so that when I slide the body over the chassis, they fill any gaps and create a rather nice snug fit. Again it may not look like much but it took me oodles and oodles of time. Unsure which power plant to outfit it with as the stock inline 6 looks rather boring but I can always dress it up. If you all could suggest a fitting power plant, then that would help me. The rear tires have been widened (a bit too much I now realize) and the stance took a lot of tweaking in looking right to my eyes. Man I took a lot of time on the suspension although most of you are yawning about now. The steering works however it's so slammed that I may open the front fenders a bit so that the tires don't rub and can move. I'm also unsure how to have a functional opening hood as it needs to open up and forward to clear the window. So if any body has some ideas, I'd be happy to hear them. I'm thinking that the paint will be some sort of metallic maroon etc... and touch off with a white diamond pattern upholstery should like cool I hope. I will reduce some chrome but still have it present.
  14. It's a Porsche 930 Slant Nose and I think that it was released by Monogram in 95'. I've attached a picture with the desired part circled in white.
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