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  1. most of Slixx's gassers mini sheets designs, if not all, are from real drag cars. Not only gassers, but also funny cars, or altered . If you're looking at site like Georges Klass, like someone says, you'll recognize a lot of them on actual cars ;-)
  2. 3 years later , how is this project coming ? I've just read the whole thread. Love both versions. is the second one sectioned too ? Hope to see it completed ?
  3. If i can give you a good advice (7 years later, i know!) it's to clear your first color, because metallic paints are very fragile. Another is to clear before BMF, and i clear my BMF after too, because, that way it don't move when i'm completing the model. You probably knowing all that now, but it can help for another ;-) By the way, both versions were amazing
  4. Wow ! can wait to see the next update on this one !!
  5. Wow ! great job! I don't think i'll like it with zebra seats, but looks great so far ! ? It's a straight reissue from a 1959 kit, Claude, not 2019 standards at all! But it's great to open a 1959 model kit at today's price ? Those 59 Imperial were pricey before the reissue
  6. wow ! great fadeways! too bad we can't really see the grille and front end on the pictures but the rest looks great !
  7. Wow ! ? Not much into that red grille, but that beast is sexy !!
  8. looks great ! if it can help, i'm almost sure the red roll pan you used was from monogram 53 chevy ?
  9. wow ! looking great ! I'm digging the drawer pulls grille ?
  10. wow ! very cool ! can't wait to see more ! the roof kinda make me think of that one , great idea
  11. Great looking show truck , James ! Even 7 years after its completion!lol! ? You could have used some kind of chrome bullets on the tailites, to make some kind of sat-tailtes like they used to do in the late 50's early 60's, like i did on my 57 ford ?
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