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  1. Just found your 66 Pro Street Nova. Beautiful work Aymer. I building the same kit and am interested in what you used to complete the centers of the wheels. They are way better looking than what the kit offers. Thanks for any info and well done on this kit.
  2. Simple question. Model is already in primer, and I would like to use some Tamiya rattle can paint. Can I shoot Tamiya gloss back over Rustoleum 2x primer?
  3. How can we sign up for a subscription, or can it only be purchased at stores?
  4. Looking for ideas on how to paint the recessed Ford logo on a set of hub caps I'm using. The logo is too small to paint by hand, but large enough to show up. I have tried using a felt pen and wiping off the excess, but it also removes the recessed portion too. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. I have been working on a couple of builds that are mostly in Rust-Oleum 2X primer. I am wanting to use the Testors Extreme Lacquer to paint them. My question is will it be ok to paint the lacquer over the enamel primer? I know that's a no no when using automotive paints, but not sure about paints for plastic models. I would shoot an old body, but the weather is to darn cold here right now, so thought I could get some go advice here. I have also been decanting rattle cans and using my air brush cause I just can't get the testors paints to lay down smooth. Any recommendations on using the
  6. Detailing my dash and want to cover the instrument cluster to represent the clear glass cover. What are some recommendations on what I can use?
  7. I am having trouble finding the right color that I need for my build. I can get close, but the only color I can find is a semi-gloss enamel and I am wanting to have a gloss finish. Can I mix this semi-gloss enamel with a clear coat and end up with a gloss finish? I would mix them before spraying, and not clear coat the semi-gloss paint. Would it be better to spray the semi-gloss and then clear coat it? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. What do you guys use to temporarily attach a piece that you are needing to hold in place for mock up? Something that will let you easily remove the piece without damaging it. Elmer's glue?
  9. Saw a 1940 Ford Delivery in the December Scale Auto magazine (page 41) showing a set of aftermarket rims from Zimmer Wheels. Killer looking model with killer wheels. I've done an internet search and am unable to find an reference or location of Zimmer Wheels. Can anyone help me with an address or phone number? Appreciate the help.
  10. Just found this site. My name is John. I've been away from building for about 10-15 years. Been busy drag racing and playing with full size cars. Still managed to buy a bunch of kits during that time. Just retired and am excited about finally building again. From what I see, there's a lot I need to catch up on.
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