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  1. Very cool to see this Cadillac built! The pink looks very nice on it. Well done!
  2. I like the color coice. It looks very good under the hood too
  3. Beautiful! Never thought of a convertible version of it.
  4. Great color! The restoration was worth it.
  5. This is cool! I never knew, that there was a SWB of the Land Rover. I never looked the history on scalemates. I started to shorten a Revell kit by my own. Sorry for the pictures. If you don't like them here, I'll delete them.
  6. I like kits, which are not often to see. Very cool. The roof looks so strange around the windows. The proportions are looking strange too. The opening at the rear end are quite interesting and I like it, that you managed to open them! I'd never suspected, that the lower part will open like the door of a pick up truck. I think the Kaiser automobilers where strange cars. btw: the name of the producer is "Kaiser". You wrote "kiaser" in the topic
  7. That is definitaly an unusual color but I go with it. I like the unusual.
  8. Awesome! Didn't I catch, what kit it is? I'm badly waiting for the 1/25 scale to add to my collection. Love it!
  9. Awesome paint job! Very sharp and clean. Like a show car has to be.
  10. It looks good. Like on the box
  11. Me too. Very good, very good. How often do you see this Taurus built at all? So I like it a lot. Great!
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