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  1. Haven't had a lot of time to work on models the last couple months but here's an update. The suspension and frame is all repainted and the engine is glued down solid. Grille and bumper's mounted and some of the foil work's done. The wheels are also done. Unfortunately, while doing the foil, I put too much pressure on the previously damaged A-pillar and it broke in a couple pieces. All glued back together and reinforced now but the putty still needs sanded down and the area repainted. I also redid the lettering on the tailgate.
  2. I'd try a set of lenses from an AMT '70 Camaro with the SS nose. Looks pretty close and I bet those Mat pieces will be pretty hard to come by.
  3. So throw it in the garbage and be done with it. 🗑️
  4. Oh, I get it. Unplated grille with separate chrome lenses then, right?
  5. Johnny, I'm pretty sure the Mats headlights and front signal lights are molded to the grille, not separate pieces. That's how they are on my '77.
  6. That's what I do too. It's easier to polish out if you sand down finer. 2000 grit is what I'd start with. BUT, if you keep at it with the polishing compounds you have it will eventually clear up. But it may take quite a while.
  7. Then you'll have a frosted windshield covered in Future. 😁
  8. I built this for Model King about 15 years ago but he never issued the kit. It was the worst POS I ever built and almost didn't even get finished. Not Dave's fault but I'm never doing one again.
  9. Not to get too far off subject, but, Tamiya DID make a '95-ish Mustang GT and Cobra R kit. Both curbsides and typical Tamiya detail. Both the AMT and Revell kits blew them out of the water with their excellent versions of the car. ,, But, I understand the Cobra R has beautiful wheels. It's been my experience that if you want a domestic car, buy a domestic kit ,, foreign car,, foreign kit.
  10. Is that code 34 aqua mist, Geno? I had a '70 Skylark Custom convertible in that color. Your model looks great to me.
  11. OMG ,, She was so hot back in the day !! 🔥 Time does pass.
  12. Cool to have when the kit was first issued back in the early '60s.
  13. I remember that day. I got to meet Chopper and hung out with Albert for a while at the hotel. Viper Dave passed a while ago too. We're loosing a lot of great builders. 😔
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