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  1. This topic is useful. I have seven (7) Olie's stores within driving distance from my home. The closest being 10-15 minutes away, and the farthest being 1.5 hour drive away. Most of the time I only tend to check the store closest to me. What I believe would help this topic thrive is if people would put more information in their replies. I try to put in the following to help others out: What the store had to offer: A rough guess as to the amount the store had: Telling me they had some does not encurage me to drive 1.5 hours away to find they only had 2 of that kit and both sold o
  2. Thank you everyone for your comments. David I am waiting to get the trailer on it before I put the hook up on.
  3. I do not want to say this was an easy build. It had it's moments when stuff did not want to fit correct. I used the flame decals from an old t-bucket kit I had laying around. I also created a custom exhaust.
  4. I saw this advertisement this morning. Hope there is a better selection this time around, because the last one was not worth the 10 minute drive to my local Ollie's. Going after work this afternoon, will report back.
  5. I picked this kit up at an estate sale a while back and decided to put it together. I had plans of doing the car in a dark red exterior with a black interior, however when I put the first layer of primer down I liked the black and decided to go black on black. The plating had come off of one of the bumpers pretty bad, so while deciding what to do with that i was looking at the body partially assembled I thought with a bit of modifications I could make it look just like my 1:1 2018 Dodge Challenger. I went to work removing the things below the front bumper to make it a bit smoother. I left
  6. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. This build went together real nice and I loved the kit.
  7. Good question. That was one of the only issues I had with the model. The stock exhaust did not line up and left little room for modification. I just left it the way you see it, imagining that you take the covers off the ends before you fire the engine up
  8. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all the positive comments.
  9. This was a simple kit that I found at Hobby Lobby and decided to pick it up. Added a couple of extra features, but pretty much it's straight out of the box.
  10. I started with a 1932 Ford Victoria. Used the custom plans and pretty much built it to stock. I painted it with Vallejo Model Air Red. The interior is Vallejo Model Air Blue. I used the left over decals from the Revell Kenworth W900.
  11. This is one sweet build. Wish I had something like this in real life ?
  12. @Slimguy Thank you, I did make the diorama also. It was a quick thought I had one day and took about a week to complete. Most of the time was letting the drywall mud dry so I could work with it.
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