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  1. Great looking builds!! That little Ford has stolen my heart, I've got to build me one!
  2. Nice job V8! This reminds me of my cattle trailer I need to get finished for the truck in my post picture.
  3. Fantastic job!! You nailed the look of the truck hands down.
  4. I remember this one, and it still looks good! And thanks by the way Gino for the birthday well wishes.
  5. This is a good looking little daycab, some how I missed this one but glad I caught it. Great work!!
  6. This in no way is just another snap Pete! How did I miss this one? You did an outstanding job! I'd love to have this beauty in my collection.
  7. That's one tough looking well used Mack! Great detailing. 2 thumbs up!
  8. Holy cow that's nice!!! Enough said....drop the microphone...G'nite!
  9. Nice looking build! Frame color choice gives a nice custom touch.
  10. Very nice clean build, with top notch detailing. Where is everyone getting the muffler shield material from? Gotta get me some.
  11. Nice work! I think you may have made my mind up about getting one of these.
  12. Got a couple of these old Petes waiting to be built myself, good looking build!
  13. This is a good looking old Dodge, great work on a seldom seem build.
  14. This truck and trailer combo was completed about 16 years ago. The truck was built pretty much stock with the exception of shortening the side skirts, adding front bumper driving lights and rear sleeper window, and some engine detailing that includes heater hoses, a/c lines, fuel lines, hydraulic steering pump, and power steering lines. The Italeri 48' trailer has its problems right out of the box, including but not limited to the incorrect scale height. The landing gear was moved forward to better depict U.S. spec trailer, a Reyco air ride suspension was built from scratch, a reefer unit fuel
  15. Thanks everyone for you kind comments. The great work on this site from my fellow modelers keeps me hard at it to do my best. "ANovaScotian", I usually use Duplicolor automotive paints on the cabs and frames, especially when I want a metallic color. The color is Sunburst Gold Metallic over gray primer on the frame, and a clear coat applied to cab, fenders, and hood to give the color depth.
  16. This original AMT T-526 kit was purchased about ten years ago from ebay. I decided last October that I would build this old girl as a break between other builds currently on the work bench. The engine was treated to a turbo and supportive ducting from my parts box. Fuel lines along with oil and coolant as well as air lines and a/c hoses were also added to the engine. The engine and chassis components were slightly weathered more so to help pull out details. Scratch built parts include a front skid plate and spare tire carrier. Since the kits mirror brackets were completely out of scale, they w
  17. Sharp looking truck with the classic custom low-n-long look, sweet!!
  18. Really good looking restoration, but don't be stingy, how about some more pics please.
  19. Nice build!! It looks like its seen its share of snow and road salt laden roads for sure.
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