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  1. I bought some of the revell paint recently and the stuff is REALLY thick seemed like a 50/50 MIX WAS STILL TO THICK TO SPRAY, but once got it thin enough to spray(used water) it sprayed GREAT,but in my gun it was REALLY hard to clean had to take apart and flush laq thinner through it good
  2. bauercrew

    68 z28

    This was actually a fun model despite all the pointed out inacurte porprtions ,still may paint the black along the bottom,but this color at first looked ugly ,,,,but its growing on me🙂
  3. Snake the walmarts in my area no longer carry the primmer so if they do in your area better get all you can
  4. Ok everyone here is the amt 68z28,besides all the in acuracies😉 that been pointed out ,what do you think so far about color choice ,at first i thought oh my god that is hideus looking but once i sprayed the clear was like wow that really looked decent,,,,,ok question is should i go and put the black stripes on or leave off,,,, the trunk deck spoiler is NOT going on cause it no where near matching the contour of trunk and i AM NO good at so called body work😁 So wasnt sure if the stripes would look good or not ,searched google to see if there was a picture of one with strips and without spoiler,
  5. just testing see if photo shows,thought we used to have a section for testing ,if so mods please move to it
  6. Just finished this up ,SORRY all mopar fans tryed three times to do the wood grain interior,gave up said heck with it painted black, had issues with the rear tail lights fitting right, the frame was really bent badly ,and the hood was warped Really bad ,when i seen those issues i almost threw it in the round file cabinet ,but as expensive as models are now days ,i went ahead with it ,it looks like it going way in back of cabinet on bottom shelve 😃
  7. hey everyone can anyone point me in direction for plaststuc or evergreen for the right size or close to it by providing me the the item number,,,i have tried to call both manufactures but no one answering, this would be for 60s thru 70s 1/24 or 1/25 cars ,i have done the conversion thing but i keep screwing up when i look at the manufatures sizes trying to get it right ,,this is probably something simple im over looking ,i also did a search on here but came up empty on item numbers that were used ,i seen plenty of sizes people use but no item number to go with the size they use ,,,,,,, im ba
  8. Hey everyone im starting to have problems with bad cases of orange peel, i use duplicolor laq clear ,my base coat is great no orange peel until i apply clear coat, i use different color coat manufactures never used the same manufactures of color or clear ,never had problems mixing manufactures of clear and colors,if your wondering why i clear is because i have a habbit of sanding through color coat ,thats why i clear now. my room temp is 73degrees, 23 % humidity,i spray about 6inches from body ,i have tried different speeds at spraying different distances ,and im spraying out of can,,,i have a
  9. bauercrew


    Thanks everyone, the color is just a rust-oleum SAIL BLUE, someone mentioned the engine color was wrong so what color is engine supposed to be ? want to build another one so can get the right color
  10. bauercrew


    dug this old one out of pile completed today,nice kit but decals are rough ,oh and all the mopar fans sorry i know its wrong color,any way like to get another one soon.hopefully do better job on next one.
  11. bauercrew

    5.0 stang

    Sorry guys nothing fancy was a relaxing build ,starting to try out testors one coat laq paints so far liking them ,but havent got the nerve to start try there one coat gloss yet ,so far all i have been doing is a little wet sanding then polishing out ,looks good enough for my eyes ?
  12. Not sure if this in right section so please move if not,,,,,,,,,well I spent a week using the Tamiya handy drill,,love it ,don't know why I didn't get one sooner,had to buy the dremmel collet set to use the smaller bits but they weren't expensive,didnt have any problems breaking the smaller bits,seems to be the perfect speed for drilling into styrene ,don't get me wrong its not perfect,,,but it beats using the pin vise ,,assembly was a BREEZE, I use it mainly for spark plug wires ,and pinning things ,in fact I plan on ordering another for spare after the holidays,,,no I don't work for anyone
  13. Hey everyone here are some quick shots of 69 nova was going to be the 427 version but i really screwed up some things so went with the 396 version,tryed to use the red line tire decals but messed them up then tryed the white ones and screwed them up also so i just painted on white line since i didnt have any red paint,this paint job was redone 3 times tryed spraying from can inside my booth but kept getting dirt,so i said what the heck took it outside in 38 degree weather and sprayed on deck,came out better spraying outside than inside ??still not perfect but definately better than 2 previous
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