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  1. hahaa... not to mention the 2-3 test prints to get the orientation the best.. I know for a fact I couldn't be efficient enough to ever make a profit on anything I model/print at home. I give Joel "iceman" a lot of credit for making modern aftermarket items, and now even some complete kits available.... his service is always quick and he delivers what is in his photos. Resin 3d printing can be a fickle and time consuming process, for him to be running a printer farm and selling to the public is no easy feat.... more aftermarket = more better...
  2. Clean!!! I love it! Awesome work Dennis!
  3. Man, that is a beautiful 510! Outstanding work! Ive been helping my dad get his together, he has had this shell bouncing around for over 20years... he wants to drive it on his 70th Birthday in September, so we have a ways to go.. but should happen. Awesome Stuff Claude! Ive been a fan of your scale work, and had no clue you dabbled in 1:1 scale stuff! I agree thank you @tim boyd so cool to see the 1:1 work of some of my favorite builders. I have a few 1:1 builds with my most recent being this one that scored me a Top 40 at last years SEMA* - Battle of the
  4. Does this count? 😂🤣
  5. Here is my "little" dude and roommate for the past 10 years... a fantastic giant/little companion.
  6. Thank you guys! I managed to get some more time on this yesterday evening... Got the coil packs wired, made wire loom tee's out of left over MAD Plug boot material, crank trigger pickup.. After that I went off with the AM Works Screw Heads on the cam covers. Lots of tedious little work but I wanted to see if I can pull off a more modern ignition system for future builds. Although its a far cry from @Randy D's beautiful Porsche engine, I'm pretty proud of the results, I can't wait to get the turbos permanently on it along with the rest of the plumbing. Now if I could just st
  7. hahaa...This looks great! You are making me want to build another one of these.... What about a modern one? Like if dodge commissioned one for SEMA or something.. Hellcat Powered? Modern seats? Big Wheels? Dang it.....#bringbackthetrikes
  8. Wow... I haven't checked the thread in awhile... and this is amazing! That engine looks like pure jewelry! I can only image it in person... Fantastic work as usual Tim! 🤯
  9. Been following along on the gram... but nice to see larger pictures! This looks fantastic! Loving all that chrome, and the machined blower setup looks great!
  10. Oh yeah those are the ones! I used the cross-laced on my motorcycle and straight laced on the trike, they are really delicate.. so be super careful... i "buggerd" up the spokes on the motorcycle pretty bad, luckily its behind a lot of stuff and you cant see it.
  11. oooooooo... Did you get a Sotar 20/20? I absolutely love mine... if so, one word of caution, when cleaning don't put your finger over the tip like you traditionally would, the needle sticks out and it becomes a tattoo gun.. hahaha.. This looks fantastic! Loving all of your Model A builds!
  12. Thanks guys! This 3d printer is absolutely absurd... I tried another stress test with the coil-on plugs and they turned out flawless... the possibilities are literally endless with this thing.
  13. Thank you guys! A little more assembly and detailing on the engine... scratchbuilt some injector rails to help make it a little less toy like... not going to be seen all that well.. but if ya look they will be there... I’m going to go with a coil-on-plug setup, so I added a photoetched crank trigger wheel behind the 3d printed pully... now i just have to make 6 coils and an ignition module for where the distributor used to live.
  14. A little update on this! I got the stuff from amazon, 2 sheets of each, nice automotive colors although they were way off from what I needed.... so I kinda set them aside awaiting a trip to hobby lobby. Then last night i was painting some interior pieces, and decided to experiment with painting the velvet/felt... it worked! I used a couple light coats at varying angles of the Tamiya paint thinned with some lacquer thinner.
  15. Thank you guys! I've been slowly plugin away on this thing... Got some paint on the engine, its Alclad Polished Aluminum with some washes and detail paint. I also printed up my Burberry decals and applied them to the suitcase... excited about how that turned out... cant wait to get some dullcoat on it.
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