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  1. Ghost_33

    URAS ER34

    Aoshima URAS ER34, Aoshima 20" BBS wheels and tamiya TS-50 paint
  2. Ghost_33

    Savanna GT

    Fujimi Savanna GT / RX3 Front and rear suspension from Beemax Volvo 240. Wheels from RX7
  3. Hasegawa calsonic R31 built as road car. Wheels and mirrors from revell bmw 3 series touring car. Decals and rear wing from tamiya dress up kits.
  4. Tamiya Skyline R32 . i want to do more detailing on engine but again i have trouble with my eyes and vision. i shall do that later when eyes is better again
  5. Tamiya EVO Vlll with aoshima Rays TE37 wheels and decal from AMT fast and furious supra
  6. Had a small accident while mounting the windshield wipers. dropped one and ruined the paint on hood. så i had to sand down the clear on hood and respray
  7. exhaust is a small piece of copper tube and Thanx
  8. No its not based on real car. Atleast i have never seen a accord touring car with jägermeister sponsorship. BMW had it on E30
  9. Tamiya Jaccs Honda Accord in Jägermeister Edition
  10. Tamiya Skyline R33 Painted with TS-50 and Nismo Wheels
  11. New pics coming tomorrow. had to do some changes was not happy with result needed more black details
  12. Fujimi kit. Wheels i found in my wheel stash and i can¨t remember from what kit they belong
  13. Decals went alittle frosty / crumbled when sprayed clear but i think it went well anyway because jägermeister taste best when served in frozted glas. Hasegawa Honda civic
  14. AMT 66 Chevy Nova From beginning only a test paintjob on a old scrap body that went well so i put it together
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