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  1. Does anyone have a good method for adding the thin red or yellow stripes to the edges of modern NASCAR wheels? If so, how about sharing? Thanks.
  2. I would expect that the aftermarket will respond with decals to do additional cars.
  3. Still trying to figure out what kit it is that's being reissued. The only thing I can figure is it's that horrid old Revell street machine abortion. I got excited when I saw the pic of a bone-stock truck in the display; thought it might be a new tool. Guess not.
  4. The first three Monogram WoO kits represented the rides of Sammy Swindell, Steve Kinser and Brad Doty. Monogram (and subsequently Revell) would release numerous additional "decal-engineered" kits of Kinser's and Swindell's kits over the year. I've always really liked the sprint car kis and I'm glad to hear the tool has gotten a major update. I'll be in for at least one.
  5. Finished this awhile back, just got around to taking pics. Revell kit with Olsen Brothers resin half-cab conversion and Fireball Modelworks' wheels, tires, fender flares, emblems and covered spare. Evergreen strip plastic was used to the bed rub strips. Paint is Tamiya Light Pearl Blue and Testors Wimbledon White.
  6. Great work, Eric. Look forward to seeing it at the Buckeye Classic!
  7. Those are all simply lovely. Dennis, you are a master!
  8. You did a great job considering what you had to work with. I bought one of those kits with the intent of doing a simple box stock or box art build, but I ended up selling it after I realized how much work it would take to do that and wind up with a model that looked halfway presentable.
  9. Ed Fluck at Drag City Castings has a resin hood that has been reworked for an improved fit. He also has repros of the kit's original custom exhaust dumps. Ed's stuff is first-rate, too.
  10. The ladder bars are well-done and are definitely usable on other drag builds, too. In fact, Ed Fluck at Drag City Casting offers them in resin. I've also seen the front straight axle setup used on other gasser builds. In fact, I believe Tim Boyd used it on his '57 150 gasser that was featured in SA several years ago.
  11. If you want a more accurate Badman, seek out the Badman II diecast kit released by Revell a few years ago. It's based on the American Grafitti '55 kit and has a very well-done unchopped sedan body. It has the same issue as the plastic kit with regard to the "396" graphics on a small-block powered car, and they're tampo-printed on the diecast body. But overall, it's a nicely done kit.
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