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  1. Quick update. Engine and frame painted. Moving to painting ther outside of the truck soon.
  2. Just a quick update. I cut and spliced the frame. I have some prettying up to do, but the joint is pretty strong.Measure 63 times, cut once. Next I built the box. At this stage, you get a good idea on how the project "should" look when finished. I was unsure about the dual rear wheels, but I have decided to keep them. As one comment stated, I think they look cool. My next update won't be very exciting, I plan on finishing up the motor and frame, or close to finished anyway.
  3. So here is where I am today. Time to do a cut and splice of the frame. I will try to do regular updates on this as I get things done. After careful and repeated measuring, it looks like the frame will be this much longer.
  4. With the Kenworth model fighting me every step of the way, I got this far. I wanted to paint the cab and sleeper as one unit, but I couldn't figure out how to put the top on the sleeper but still be able to paint the interior and put in the windows after the exterior was done. Then after staring at it for months the solution came to me. Leave the floor out of the sleeper, stupid.
  5. The first time I ever saw one of these trucks, was a FedEx truck driving down main street in our town. I looked them up and it turns out they are called expedite trucks. They are usually driven by teams, and are used to haul freight that has to get somewhere quickly. I thought they were neat looking, and thought I would try to build one of my own. So I dug around in my stash of trucks and came up with this combination.
  6. No progress this month at all. Turns out moving is the easy part. Finding and putting everything away after the move, is when the real work starts.
  7. Yes, I am open to any help or suggestions. Those plastic strips don't look very realistic.
  8. I have very little progress to report this month. I have done some work on the frame, but that is all. Right now we are in the middle of a move, most of my modeling supplies are packed away, and it is taking longer than we expected. I plan on really getting down to working on this project starting in April. The positive to all of this is that I will have my own dedicated modeling space. No more working on the dining room table.
  9. Nice! Great job! I really want to do a weathered look truck. Showroom shiny is nice, but a working truck doesn't stay that way long.
  10. Excellent job! I really like the rust on the rims, looks so realistic,
  11. I've had this firetruck for quite awhile. Given that it is a higher skill level than I am comfortable with, I have always passed this by. I think this contest will give me an incentive to finally get it started and see it through. I'm planning on box stock except for some new decals and maybe some aftermarket detail items.
  12. Good job on a difficult kit. I wouldn't sweat it too much if the hood doesn't fit perfect. Look in the real world and you will find that most truck hoods don't fit exact. My son just got a brand new Kenworth T680 and hood is a little high and gap a little wider at the cowl on the left side.
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