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  1. Does anyone know how tall the Coke Bottle decals are in this kit?
  2. I love both the 63 Chevy and the 63 Galaxie I just wish they would freshen up the molds. I don't mind the simple kits I am building my old teenage hangout from the 60's and everything I put on that will be curbside except for a couple.
  3. I understand Bob, I remember getting the annual when it came out and this is the promo kit. Round2 does not do anything to recondition the tools like they said, they are just selling box art. I love the 63 Chevy and that kit is worth spending a little money on and fix the problems with it.
  4. Christopher don't count on it. Have you seen the new 63 impala it is a mess? The box art looks nice but I been thinking throwing the kit in the trash and save the box.
  5. Look how the hood and headlights fit.
  6. Great job!! I love the AMT 40 Fords I wonder how many have been built since 1963? I think that was the year it came out.
  7. Great job on both! I remember seeing a Hemi Dart coming in at Ray Bandy Dodge in Rocky Mount NC and it looked just like that.
  8. Thank for showing it. I see I want be buying it they didn't fix any of the body problems. Sink in the top edge of the drivers door, leading edge of the hood does not match the finders and the rear panel has no detail around the top edge of the taillight panel look at the T in Chevrolet. I think the body is a mess unless you are going to build old Nascar of a short track car. Look like they did improve the valve covers unless they are from another kit.
  9. According to Model Roundup same as last issue with a couple more junk parts. It still has the molded in taillights. The last couple of issues had a bad sink in the drivers door hope they fixed that.
  10. Great job! a Hi-Boy body sits on top of the frame that one is channeled over the frame. Still a great looking Hot Rod the real one and the model.
  11. Great job! I had one that color back in the day but not an SS.
  12. Kenny Terry Decals did some for me not 100% but very close.
  13. Thanks Mark that is what I am looking for.
  14. Thanks to both of you I have 3 or 4 of the AMT Kits and it is a good kit. I am building a diorama of my old teenage hang out from the 60's and want one that is curb side with just a platform chassis and hood does not open.
  15. Does this kit have opening hood and is the chassis detailed? Does any have an open kit that could post photos of the parts?
  16. Great job!! Looks very classic and from the late 50's or early 60's.
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