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  1. What's not to like?! I wish my builds were as good as your "four day Chevy adventure"!
  2. No, sorry... but the color chip can be found at http://www.tcpglobal.com/Automotive-Paint/House-of-Kolor-Paint-Kandy-Basecoats-KBC/...
  3. Floquil was the main line of paints for The Floquil Corp. before they were sold to Testors. It was their solvent-based paint... guess you could have referred to them as "enamels" - they were all flat. Several companies have been in the process of releasing replacements: Tru-Color Paint, Micro-Mark, and even Testors has brought some of the generic colors back under either the Testors or Model Master brands.
  4. Yes! I recently tried Brandywine over white primer, and it worked great! This is one of their basecoat Kandies, which I think means that they don't absolutely need a metallic base first... they're a combination of Kandie and Pearl.
  5. I saw on the website that they were working on one. I did some testing of a clear that Jameston sent to me with an order... Had a lot of trouble with it - several coats over a pearl or metallic and I started to get what looked to be "frost" in patches - not all over. I eventually just went back to good old One-Coat Clear by Testors.
  6. I can only speak about White, but I've gone through a few choices and have found that Lifecolor is the best - they make a flat and a gloss, and they're the only ones I'll use for brush painting. Same goes for 3 blacks (matt, satin, gloss). BTW, I really love Lifecolor's paint packaging... they have a small round "plug" molded into the cap, that keeps most of the paint away from the rim when you shake the jar. I usually work right out of this little "dimple" - it's like a little palette. Sure wish Testors would upgrade their stuff.
  7. So, would you say that if you have Micro-Solv, it will do the same job as the solutions by Mr. and Tamiya?
  8. I personally don't think you'll have much choice... in other words, these are all produced independently, and because there's so much expense involved in designing and making them, if there's already a set out there, no one will attempt to do a competing set that will just have its potential for future sales already inhibited. Regardless of the situation, imho if you can find a set by Model Car Garage, you should probably just buy it... you can be assured that it is a very good set, because MCG does not make garbage.
  9. Don't start to think that a 50:50 ratio will ALWAYS do the trick for craft paint... it's a good starting point, but I have tried 50:50 and found that I still needed more thinner, to get it through my airbrush and atomize well.
  10. I just thought of an interesting point... last time I checked out Micro-Scale's website, I could not find "Micro-Set" anywhere! It seems as if the company has retired it, and now they're only making Micro-Solv! If you can find Micro-Set at your LHS, it's probably older stock...
  11. I picked up some Tamiya Mark Fit Strong, thinking that it would be stronger on the tough decals, but to be perfectly honest, I didn't see it doing anything at all. I was at first worried that it would dissolve the decals, but after using it several times, it isn't any better than Micro-Sol. BTW, Micro-Set is a "before decaling" application, that's supposed to set up the surface to receive the decals. I don't think it does anything after applying them...
  12. Wow - now there's something you won't see every day!
  13. Here's a "tankless" compressor that has the specs... according to Amazon.com... This tankless airbrush compressor delivers excellent power (1/5 horse) with very little noise (55 db) thanks to its precision-forged piston. Sensitive, diaphragm regulator with integrated pressure gauge and water-trap allows precise control and delivery of clean, dry air. On-demand operation; the compressor runs until its pressure reaches approximately 58 psi, then it cycles off until the pressure drops to 40 psi, where the unit restarts. This auto-start/stop feature saves power and reduces motor wear & heat wh
  14. That's pretty good! I'll have to check out their website and see if I can find a printed statisic... Well, that was disappointing - you'd think such a thing would be at least mentioned by the mfr! Here's all that Paasche had to say, "D3000R 1/8 HP Compressor with Tank, Regulator and Moisture Trap. 1/8 H.P. tank mounted piston compressor with regulator & moisture trap. The tank fills to 40 PSI and shutoff. Will deliver up to 20-30 PSI depending on airbrush being used. Noise level is 47 dbs." I would have liked to see "fills to 40psi and then refills again at 20psi"... that is what seems t
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