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  1. Nice build and description of the build. Is there anything you don't build?
  2. Cool concept, good execution, and I agree, you keep getting better.
  3. Love the 46-47 Fords. This build looks great too! Wish Revell had not screwed up the windshield openings on all their 48 kits tho.
  4. Cool build. Powered by Ford with a rear distributor? Not unless it is a Y-Block
  5. 45 years ago or so my dad built a replica of a truck my grandfather drove for Christmas. My grandfather displayed it for years but after a remodel of his house it just disappeared. Well, my grandparents have been gone for 15 years or so and my mom and dad just left the house as it was in Pennsylvania. Well, my dad decided it was time to sell the house so I went back there (I live in Ohio) and see what I wanted as keepsakes. Low and behold I found the truck in the back of a closet in a box. Many pieces fell off but seem to all be present in a little tin in the box. I will be returning to
  6. On all mine I prefer to lay a coat down and let it dry for a few days, then some 2000 grit and 2 more coats. If it is a solid color and I do not like the finish I take 3000 grit and polish. Metallic paint seam to lay better for me but I will clear and wet sand and polish when needed. This is a duplicolor paint job with one coat of Testors Wet look clear, no buffing
  7. I did this with the hard tires from the '37 Chevy Modified and it works great. Just be sure to clamp them until dry.
  8. Looks really good. It looks like an old car, not a restored show queen. I especially like the way the interior came out looking a bit worn. Was that your objective? I know some of us would kill to do an interior like that. Again slow down, you are making some of us look bad
  9. It definitely has that look to it. Dark and mean. You need to slow down, you build faster than I can open a new kit.
  10. Relisted for sure. I think the first bidder backed out. End price was less than what I showed. I did check, this guy sells Vintage boxes and parts but has a feedback of 100%
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