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  1. Yup.... so I am holding a little hope for the 71 Mustang
  2. No, not the Mustang... Chopped 48 Ford, 49 Merc and 57 Fords come straight to my mind
  3. Very nice... i like the way incorporated the side scoops from the 58 Chevy.
  4. Looks awesome! I have a few stashed, now I HAVE TO do a drag version. Thanks.
  5. I sure hope you are right. I have a bunch of Revell "parts kits" that I couldn't or didn't want to correct the flaws.
  6. Very tastefully done. A lot of sparkle to that paint for sure. I always like your dash detailing. Good job.
  7. It is a resin piece from Australia. 'Bout 10 bucks delivered.
  8. I have my go-to solution for a dropped axle. I'll have to watch for the truck release.
  9. Right now I am at a crossroads. Not sure what to do with this kit, I know it is fairly rare and not sure if I can do it justice. Tackle it and do my best, or move it along to someone else? Not sure. I tend to want to change things too much, and usually, the things I mess with can be replaced. I know I cannot do stock, that is something I have never done. I am thinking a period hot rod, but nothing that ruins the integrity of the original kit. and try to use vintage kit parts (or parts of kits reissued over and over) Thinking 56 Ford Y block, Chrome reverse w/big and littles and a non
  10. Looks kinda weird and cool all at once.... Keep going!
  11. No problem, I just know most of us try to be as accurate as possible, especially with a scratch build or conversion. Just notice you are from Cleveland... I am 40 minutes from downtown.
  12. Another one of my favorite stock cars (71 Cyclone/Montego, 73 Montego GT and the 76 Cougar) Gonna watch this. As an FYI, the 1:1 hood for the Montego GT and Cougar interchange, so you will have the same shapes and peak, just no scoops.
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