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  1. I purchased a set of the Halibrand wheels at the first of the year and they arrived yesterday. All I can say is that they are wicked cool, they are going to look great on my jag. I highly recommend buying a set.
  2. I am in awe of your models everytime you post them. You and a couple others here are the reason behind me giving 1/8 scale a try. Clayton
  3. Looking darn good! Can't wait to see it under glass
  4. I have been buying some 1/16 cars, but I am striking out on finding a place that sales detail or resin parts. Is there a place that specializes in that scale? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. ClaytonD
  5. Normally I would go with black walls but the white lettering looks pretty good
  6. Very interesting, looking forward to the build.
  7. Howdy all. I am just getting back into building models after taking a break for the last 20 years. I've been reading quite a few threads over the last couple of days and I like the community here. Hope to learn from and talk to y'all soon. Clayton
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