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  1. That's superb Geoff, the seats look incredible. Revell stuff is almost up there with Tamiya now I feel. Funny, I consider the Golf to be a "modern" car, yet they over forty years old now. It makes me feel old.
  2. Thanks to everyone for the kind words, in answer to Mike, the paint applied is car repair aerosols buffed to a high sheen. Take care everyone.
  3. Built completely stock, with the detailed additions of bare metal foil, open quarter lights, tyre valves & underbonnet wiring. Revell have done a great job, I feel the kit is really high quality with relatively few issues. Take care everyone & thanks for looking.
  4. Built straight from the box and painted in a suitable fifties period grey. Only added details were tyre valves and British number plates. The corporate livery was made using inkjet decal sheet, lacquered. A nice curb side kit by Hasegawa, possibly not quite to Tamiya standard but a straightforward build nonetheless.
  5. Thanks to everyone for the compliments and encouraging words. I am amazed at Chuck's knowledge and accuracy re the 1957 details, I had never even noticed the wiper motor panels were a later addition. Happy modelling to all. Johnny
  6. Hello everyone, it's been a while since I was modelling, but a welcome return has been this AMT Ford C 900. The truck is actually a Round 2 reissue which is beautifully moulded and packaged, really impressive. The only difficulty I found was getting the cab to sit correctly (it fouls the air filter) and the bumper has to be raised. The trailer is the earlier Matchbox / AMT mould. The 1957 Ford commercial catalogue shows this was the first year of production for the C900, so the mirrors, which were simpler on the early model had to be scratch built. The cars are AMT 1957 Fairla
  7. It is indeed Helmut, you obviously know your motoring history. Thank you for your kind words.
  8. Wow, I am humbled by the response, I really appreciate it, especially coming from people who take time to pursue modelling & crafts as a hobby. In answer to the questions, I use Derwent 2h-8b pencils (often using matt acrylic lacquer if the shine from the lead is really evident on dark tones-Humbrol Acrylic Matt lacquer eradicates it). The Guild of Motoring Artists are a British Guild with world wide membership, which, is by invitation only following an appraisal of your work. Many are professional or semi pro, some of the worlds top motoring artists are in the guild & make my work l
  9. Thanks ever so much Monty, the reference pictures are fantastic. It will be interesting if anyone can confirm the underside was black from factory. Take care.
  10. Hi everyone, a departure from modelling, drawn some years ago as a submission entry into The Guild of Motoring Artists.
  11. Hello everyone, moved by the kind words on the "Under glass" forum, I have been inspired to rekindle the 72 Mustang. The background: When I was eleven, in 1975, an older boy in our street gave me a 1/12 Mustang he had built. I was thrilled, it was so much better than my efforts & I adored it. As an inquisitive child, I pulled it apart, re painted it & generally destroyed it. I fondly recall singing David Soul's "Silver lady" with my Mum spraying it for the tenth time. Sadly the older boy died in his early twenties shortly after, I recall the lads parents staying in the street for
  12. Lovely, old American "estates" as we Brits call them are wonderful , you have captured this perfectly with superb work. Great job.
  13. Really nice, colour choice is spot on. Well done.
  14. That's fantastic, great photos, the ribbed carpet & seat trim look incredible. Well done.
  15. This is fantastic work, I thought I had put some effort into the Esci Merc 190, but this is incredible. Esci covered some great European vehicles that no one else moulded, but turning them into a presentable model takes real effort. Can't wait to see the finished article.
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