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  1. Thanks David! I put this on hold for way too long and finally decided good or bad to get it done this time around. Working on all the wrecker hardware and boy is there a lot to clean up on it!LOL
  2. I do know that by the time I realized it I couldn't change it.LOL
  3. 1963 and the weather guy on the local radio station said "it's a beautiful sunny day with not a drop of rain in sight" just before the radio station went off the air as the tornado took down their tower crossed the river and did some major destruction through town and to a local college!
  4. My Great Uncle, Lost February 27 1942 USS Langley, He was 20 years old. The day before they got the word my grandma,(his big sister) and his mother (my great grandma) saw him marching with his graduating class at Great Lakes on a news reel at the movies.
  5. OldTrucker

    tire needed

    It might to someone with a tire in their parts stash that looks like that but they are not sure of what it came from!
  6. As hard as I am trying not to buy new kits I'd be all in for the camper version! I owned one for a couple years unthe wife was dtil it had an engine compartment fire while the wife was driving the kids to school.
  7. Foiled the grill. Far from perfect but the foil is terrible to work with now.
  8. Love it! One of my favorite trucks, even owned one once in another lifetime!LOL Like the paint scheme. I have one to build and I think one thing that I will do is strip the chrome on the wipers and use chrome silver or aluminum paint and hopefully that will make them look more realistic.
  9. Bed floor, header and rear panel ready for primer and finish. Narrowed the hood, grill and working on the fender extensions.
  10. Pulled an old build I started and hadn't touched in almost 20 years. Just narrowed the wrecker bed snd I am making faux toolboxes to fill the void under the bed using poster board. Then need to finish the job of the narrowed hood I started on 20 years ago. Need to,make shutter flaps. Maybe a piece of a mimi blind will work for that. Hard part is a filler between hood and fenders.
  11. I had this information stashed away but seems to have gotten lost in our move. How much needs to be removed from the wrecker bed to fit correctly so the wheels aren't tucked so far in.
  12. Over a 20 year period I worked on them on an off for a foreign car repair shop that specialized in VW's. We restored a bunch. When production stopped in Germany they kept building them for a while in Mexico. What a strange bunch of cars those were as they used parts from the late 60's through the end of the run! Like they were using up all the leftover parts from years past!LOL
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