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  1. My oldest son brought these to me today! Found at an antique shop for 10 bucks each. The Model T kit is complete. The Matadoor has all the stock parts except headlights, taillights, front turn signal lenses, swaybar and decals.
  2. I remember the AMT curbside kits for 99 cents mid 60's.
  3. Most of what We had on 8 track we replaced with cassette and then with cd. I still can tell you when every track change would happen when listening. My sons don't get it but it cracks up my wife . Same with record skips!LOL
  4. I got used to warm beer in another lifetime so that wouldn't bother me. I used to watch tv while building models building but the last 17 years I have had a room of my own to build in. I will listen to 60's rock or 60's country but my favorite to build to is my Nugguts CD's.
  5. Strated out driving my grandpa's 54 Chevy Belair into the yard to wash it. Later became my first car. Really driving I learned to drive at 11 years old driving a 1948 ford grain truck pulling hay racks and hauling grain and beans while doing summer work for a farmer. That was how I learned to drive a stick shift. He put wood blocks on the pedals so I could reach them!
  6. Ordered a custom fit radio for my 66 Buick and it doesn't come close to fitting.
  7. All checked out good in fact said there was improvement over the last 2 and they don't want to see me for 6 months unless I have a problem! So now that means time for seeing the gastroenterologist next. Suspect that my Barrett's Esophagus is getting worse. Still all this doesn't explain a lot of the symptoms that sent me for the stress test, symptoms that I have had for over a decade and no one seems to be able to tell me what the cause is. So goes life!LOL
  8. I met Boyd in 1996 at Troy Trepaniers shop when I was at his dad's truck inspection lane. He came walking in with Jack (Troy's dad) and I said hello at which Jack introduced me to Boyd. We made some small talk and I asked Boyd what he could do with my rig and he actually ran with it and gave an outlandish description of the custom work he might do. Troy was in by then and was getting agitated with the whole thing and told Boyd to "come on!" Boyd told him to go change his diaper and he'll be in the shop in a few!
  9. I've had them all. Always liked Cragar SS wheels but they peeled so bad after a couple years and the chrome pitted over time. Keystone Klassics did the same. I leaned more towards the original Torque Thrusts but my favorite, US aluminum slots.
  10. Beautiful build of one of the first type of truck I drove for Red Ball Movers locally! I'd love to find an Emeryville conversion.
  11. I found several I had forgotten about after our recent move!
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