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  1. You might be able to make something out of thin cloth, cardboard or colored paper. I would think plastic would be too hard to work with and wouldn't look realistic. Cloth would have to be very thin to start, and I can't imagine you could actually stitch something like that in 1/25 scale. You would have to glue it. Or maybe look in the toy aisle at Target or Wal Mart? You'd be surprised what you might find sometimes.
  2. I'll pitch this one just one more time: I think Round 2 should tool up a Hellcat engine with a miniature Hellcrate box (and the appropriate items that come with it: wheels, tires, tools etc.), and offer it in their Garage Accessories Series. They could do a Mopar themed offering that includes two complete engines that could be used either for dioramas or for customizing cars. Throw a few other bits in the box, offer at the same retail price as their other garage accessory sets, and I'm sure they will have a seller on their hands. For that matter, they could also do some GM and Ford them
  3. The MPC Chevette annuals had a canopy that you could probably add to to make a tent. Looks like it came with some other things you might find useful, too...
  4. I gotta say- the artwork for this Daytona is spectacular. That’s a beautiful, dynamic rendering. If they ever sell a print of this, I will have to get one. The first Daytona I ever saw up close was at an indoor car show in Philly (I’m not sure if it was an ISCA show, or???). There were lots of custom cars there. One guy had a Daytona- orange with the black stripe and wing, just like the car on the stamp/ tin art. His was mostly stock, with 80’s Cragar wheels on it 🤢. That car still really made an impression on me.
  5. The Hatboro PA store on Blair Mill Road had several Gremilns as of yesterday. They seemed to be running low on the Hurst Olds, but had everything else.
  6. Like said above, the MPC '68 & '69 Coronet Hardtops and the '70 Challenger had the trailer. The Annual MPC Chargers never came with the trailer. I think the '70 Challenger was the last kit to come with the trailer. I think the axle for it migrated to the MPC '71 Cuda (to be used as a straight axle). I don't think the MPC trailer ever came with dedicated tires and wheels for it. I think the builder always had to use either spare mags or spare stock wheels (whichever was left over from their car build) to complete the trailer. I think that also meant that the builder had to either use
  7. I went to my local Ollie's on Tuesday, they only had a few Lindberg military kits, leftovers from last time. I went again on Thursday. They had what has been shown in the thread so far: '69 Hurst Olds, '69 GTX, '69 Chevelle convertible, '69 Charger Daytona, Chrysler 300, Gremlin, '97 Mustang, new Camaro, Scirocco, the Pumper, Diamond Reo, '57 Ford, '72 GTO, '49 Mercury, a Peterbuilt, etc. I think this is exactly the same stuff they got the last time around several months ago. I'm hoping they get some new stuff from Revell. A few years ago, they got some nice stuff in and I regret n
  8. It’s a pretty nice kit to start with. I have a few, but I was actually hoping for a “Coke” release like they did with the Ford Van, with Coke decals and a Coke machine. I have nothing against Turtle Wax, it’s just not an inspiring brand to me.
  9. I hope my personal experience with these cars helps. The 2.6 engine was an entirely different engine- built by Mitsubishi. I know that with ours, the carb was junk, even after just a few years, and the engine was said to have other problems. Our ‘82 ran terribly at 50,000 miles. I really hated that car. The 2.2/ 2.5 were developed by Chrysler. I think the 2.5 was balance shaft engine only, which helps with 4 cylinders, as they are not inherently balanced. People still make the 2.2’s work, but I think the 2.5 is a relatively easy engine to live with. I distinctly remember the
  10. Regarding models, I think there might be 1/43 pre builts of the earlier ones available. If you wanted to do something in 1/24 or 1/25, the MPC or Monogram Dodge Daytonas more or less had the same engine (although turbocharged) and chassis, but you would be on your own as far as a body and interior go.
  11. I would say go with your passion then.! I think the fuel injected 2.5 cars were the best...I think the 2.5 engine had balance shafts while the 2.2 did not...they were based on the same design (some parts interchanged between the 2.2 and the 2.5) but the balance shafts made the 2.5 more smooth, which ultimately might have helped durability, too. The F.I. 2.5 had decent power for the time, even without a turbo. Save up, plan like a supervillain. Get a good one. My mistake was that I would settle for the first car I found as soon as I had some cash, so I usually had to deal with nightmare r
  12. Sorry to hear that you have to let Shiela go. I had a car in college that I loved, that I had to give up, and that 30 years later, I still think about. Save some dough, BE PATIENT, fine a NICE one, and do it again if you like. These cars are out there, some in really nice shape for as old as they are, and aren’t very expensive, but remember that for every extra dollar you spend on a nice one, that’s like saving two down the line. My family had two of these new. We had an ‘84 400 sedan and an ‘86 600 coupe. Stay away from the pre-fuel injection cars, as the carburetors were tough to
  13. Thank you for the offer, Dale. I think I have a deal in place to swap for the parts I need. I will definitely let you know if it looks like I need anything else for this kit. Thanks again!
  14. It’s gonna be a problem bring some of these back. Off the top of my head, here are some that I think the tooling has been altered beyond their original early ‘80’s forms: 3rd gen Camaro (this was updated annually through 1992). It would be a great one to bring back, but it would ultimately come back as a ‘92, and would no longer fit the design theme you’re going for. 6th Gen Mustang (updated to about 1988). Recently rereleased. Same as above re: the theme. 3rd Gen Firebird (updated to about 1992, but the Knight Rider version was recently rereleased, so perhaps there is more
  15. I have noticed that some older Jo Han kits are like that. I have gotten a few as built ups. I don’t have a lot of these as they are always pricy. I do take some apart to restore, but it seems that the ‘70 Road Runner that I once had (I sold that one off) and a ‘64 Plymouth Sport Fury (molded in red, with the side trim and stock interior pieces) were very, very brittle. The old AMT and MPC builts I have from the same era do not seem to have this problem.
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