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  1. Thank you for the offer, Dale. I think I have a deal in place to swap for the parts I need. I will definitely let you know if it looks like I need anything else for this kit. Thanks again!
  2. It’s gonna be a problem bring some of these back. Off the top of my head, here are some that I think the tooling has been altered beyond their original early ‘80’s forms: 3rd gen Camaro (this was updated annually through 1992). It would be a great one to bring back, but it would ultimately come back as a ‘92, and would no longer fit the design theme you’re going for. 6th Gen Mustang (updated to about 1988). Recently rereleased. Same as above re: the theme. 3rd Gen Firebird (updated to about 1992, but the Knight Rider version was recently rereleased, so perhaps there is more
  3. I have noticed that some older Jo Han kits are like that. I have gotten a few as built ups. I don’t have a lot of these as they are always pricy. I do take some apart to restore, but it seems that the ‘70 Road Runner that I once had (I sold that one off) and a ‘64 Plymouth Sport Fury (molded in red, with the side trim and stock interior pieces) were very, very brittle. The old AMT and MPC builts I have from the same era do not seem to have this problem.
  4. This one was one of my favorite from the era. It was perhaps earlier than the era Stef is touching on, but I always liked the side pipes and t tops on an older muscle car. I’m actually going to try to recreate it.
  5. And while I’m kvetching about tinted glass (I’m done after this, promise! 🤞), I’m pretty sure some of the old General Lees I bought way back when came with tinted glass, too. Now that I think about it, that would be suitable for an 80’s Street Machine. My dream cars back then were always painted metallic blue or screaming zonkers yellow. Tinted windows would probably fit the look, along with Centerline wheels, traction bars, and random multicolored stripes. I know I built a few like that back then.
  6. Haha! I remember the tinted glass being a crapshoot. Some of the same kits came with it, others didn’t. I tried building the ‘74 Road Runner- known then as the “ ‘74 GTX”- as a stock-ish car. That was tough because there was no source for the stock stripes in the early 80’s, and the one I had had tinted glass. I think I still have that build somewhere. I’m pretty sure I got a TJ Hooker Cop Car with tinted glass one time! I do have some tinted glass from some of these kits squirreled away for possible future use, like for whenever I want to build some kind of dementedly customized Limo-C
  7. A lot of these kits were older tools that were given the Harry Bradley graphics treatment, along with updated mag wheels and dark tinted windows, and moulded in color. Myself, I prefer white plastic, stock graphics, and clear windows. I always thought MPC tools had some nice details, especially the later ones, and these are some great subjects, but I already lived this era of model building. Myself, I prefer white plastic, stock graphics, and clear windows. I have had enough of trying to cover black, yellow or red plastic with another color for an entire lifetime. Take the Su
  8. I have to say- fireworks lose their charm after dealing with a fast fuse. When I was about 12, I lit a small firecracker to throw once, and the fuse burnt really, really fast. You usually had about 4-5 seconds after lighting, but this one went off immediately. It was barely out of my hand when it went off. My hand was numb and I was deaf in one ear for about an hour. That was one of the small crackers, mind you- not an M-80 or anything. Even back then, you heard about fireworks accidents, and I can definitely see how they occur. I'm sure most fireworks are not at all made to the highest standa
  9. I paid for the majority of my stuff and generally I kept it in very good order (I still have lots of artifacts from those days), but I still think most teenagers go through a destructive phase. I didn't blow up model cars with any regularity, I think I blew up maybe 3 total, and the novelty kind of wore off. I still have built models and parts from when I was about 11 or 12, and I have rebuilt a few of those from back then. Since I paid for the fireworks (my parents sure as heck didn't buy them for me as they would have just about had a conniption if they knew I had them), I'm pretty sure
  10. I'd certainly be willing to trade something else or purchase the MPC 1/16 Trans Am Shaker hood if anybody had this set up. No need to swap even for the Turbo parts. I have a LOT of stuff, let me know what you might want for the shaker parts...I would even take used restorable parts...
  11. Dude- that's not a firecracker. I think that's an M-80!
  12. I bought a box of MPC Dodge Monaco Cop Cars at the NNL East several years back. There was one 2-door "Force 440" build in there. Firecrackered. I was still able to salvage a few things from that one, but the roof was blown off at the "a" pillars, and the roof and interior tub were a bit melted. I did firecracker a few when I was a kid (MPC kits! ). I remember blowing up an MPC '72 Chevelle (reissue), and a '78 Dodge Pickup. We had a side door in our house that had an inner and outer door that were about 16" apart. I would set the model on the floor inside the two doors, stick the firecra
  13. My call would be that Daisy's 1971 car was probably a Satellite Sebring Plus, painted up to look a little like a Road Runner. That was the top model 2-door in the Satellite range (other than the GTX). It's roughly equivalent to the Charger SE. The serial #'s started with "RP" ("R" for Plymouth Intermediate, "P" for "premium price code"). I owned two 1971 Satellite Sebring Plus cars. One had a 318 engine, Amber Sherwood Metallic with a black vinyl (full) roof covering, green bucket seat interior with auto console shift. Power steering but manual drum brakes all around. That was my col
  14. The F&F kit comes with the door panel that looks like the one up top. The old Monogram '71 Satellite comes with one that looks more like the one in the ad picture. It looks like bucket seat cars got either of the door panels above.
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