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  1. Thanks, all. It was definitely the most challenging of my NASCAR builds.
  2. When I did my Herb Adams 1973 NASCAR Grand Am, there were only about 3 published photos of the car. One of the original engineers/crew members on his car told me about the Petersen Archives. There were dozens of pictures of the car including almost every imaginable close up. I could not have done the car correctly without those photos. The same was true with my Buick Centuries. There were a lot of vintage photos there.
  3. I'm calling it quits on this one. Not a great outcome. Paint fought me, chassis fought me. I had to remove and reinstall the engine, stance is not great but it is done, finally! Not my best work but looks OK from a distance.
  4. Try the petersen archives. https://archive.petersen.org/pages/home.php?login=true Go to the NASCAR page and search by year.
  5. What did you use for seat belts?
  6. Can't take them all everywhere! Where do you keep 100 models? Must be a big wall!
  7. Thanks- for some reason I have ventured off the trail into Buicks so we will see how this one turns out. The other three I did came out pretty good.
  8. I agree that this was an attractive car. My usual routine is to collect as many pictures as I can and measure and scale things out as well as get the shapes right. The bumpers are always a challenge to me. I am starting with the Monogram GS bumpers and cutting and pasting using them as starters. It will certainly take awhile.
  9. I knew about the rear window and had not gotten to the quarter window opening. I also saw the front wheel well issue and have that pretty much fixed. Lots of compound curves and body lines on Pontiacs and Buicks. Very hard to model accurately!
  10. Looks good. Great detail here.
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