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  1. Thank you !! but in all honesty -- it's not "perfect". LOL. There are mistakes, but luckily it looks pretty good in the pictures.
  2. I didn't think they were in shops yet ? Our local hobby shop hasn't gotten any yet I know.
  3. Super nice !! I did have a question -- for the chassis and roll cage -- did you spray the Krylon Pewter Gray directly on bare plastic ? Or did you spray some primer coat first ? Thanks !
  4. Awesome! Credit card is hot and ready. I'll be cleaning out my local hobby shop as soon as they hit the shelf !! Love it !! I'm building a F-4270 right now. Looks like exactly the same rear suspension.
  5. I've heard from others that his decals need to be layered to have an opaque color. I ordered the same decals for mine, but in red as I plan to paint it white. I was wondering -- I'm in the middle of my 4270 kit. I had to move the front axle forward so that the front wheels would be centered in the fender. Did you find that the out-of-box assembled front axle and wheels were the correct width ?? I've heard with the 4300 the front axle is too wide and the front tires stick outside the front fenders. I haven't snapped the front wheels on my front axle yet to see, since once
  6. Thanks. It's far from "flawless" LOL (I know where the skeletons are buried). But I was happy with how it turned out for me (i.e. it looks pretty good on the shelf in my family room). It's the first Moebius kit I've built. The one thing I learned is you have to be critical of the Moebius instructions -- there are problems with them. The paint for the body is supposed to be a "Cloud White". The instructions call out a Testors color (Testors Auto Lacquer Wimbledon White), but those have "vaporized" from existence and I couldn't find any. I used Tamiya (rattle can) white primer and t
  7. Finished this one last weekend for our club build-off.
  8. Yep -- understood 100%. It was just amazing what the Allison family had to deal with in those times... Bobby's wreck at Pocono that ended his career. Davey's death in the helicopter crash. Clifford's crash at Michigan that took his life. Wow.
  9. It's a Salvinos JR kit -- and those are just the old Monogram molds -- with the exception of the tires and glass. The Salvinos JR chrome is fantastic. However, for this model I needed the 5-hole wheels, so luckily I have a pretty good "stash" of the old Monogram Ford kits to rob them from. I like the Salvinos JR tires -- they seem to fill the wheel openings a bit nicer. The glass I do have concerns with. This is the second Salvinos JR kit I've built and the front and rear glass just does not have the curvature to match the body opening. I had to clamp the front windshield aga
  10. Nice ! And even better -- no Coke decals !!! 😉
  11. It was Tamiya grey primer, then Tamiya TS-8 (Italian Red). Thanks!
  12. Thanks for posting that ! There was some concern that spraying it might end up putting too much on, so it was recommended to brush it. Did you spray from a rattle can ?
  13. Thanks all ! I tried Tamiya "smoke" brushed on these kit wheels (straight from the bottle). I think the effect is pretty good. At least I tried something new.
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