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  1. Foiling sucks - but you nailed it! Looks great dude!
  2. Oh, that soon? Awesome! Where did you hear that?
  3. I really like that ⬆️ Makes me think of a Shelby Daytona, but if Ferrari made it. Interesting story too!
  4. Depends a LITTLE on which washes you’re planning on using - but almost always, no, you’ll be ok. Most of the off-the-shelf washes don’t contain anything that can hurt lacquer, and if you’re using India Ink or mixing your own with water and artist’s acrylics you’ll be in good shape there too. That said, depending on how grubby you’re trying to get something, a matte or semi-gloss clear will help because the washes will apply a little better to them versus a really shiny clearcoat, but that’s more down to the look you’re trying to achieve than any real requirement to do so…
  5. Amazon has them for $16 shipped: https://www.amazon.com/AMT-Street-Fury-1958-Plymouth/dp/B08FCML9WM/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=PLYMOUTH+FURY+AMT&link_code=qs&qid=1626814685&sourceid=Mozilla-search&sr=8-1
  6. First issue did,second issue had a small block... Looking good Dennis! Is your next build going to be from the 70s?
  7. Our very own @Impalow has a nice 3D printed set on his Shapeways store: https://www.shapeways.com/product/D88VAJFSF/woodlite-inspired-headlights-1-24-1-25-scale
  8. Thank you so much! I just ordered some of their CURRENT teal color yesterday but I’m not sure how close it will match without seeing it. I’ll keep your kind offer in mind - much appreciated!!
  9. I really enjoyed being a part of this contest - thanks to all you guys for arranging it! I enjoyed seeing all the great entries too, some really impressive building on display! As an aside, I like these virtual contests - it would be cool if they could be incorporated somehow when in-person shows get running again! I don’t have the opportunity to make some of these contests that are a distance away, but it’s fun to participate in them SOMEHOW at least!
  10. Outside the local Dollar General today - nice and clean!
  11. Another one of these today…really enjoying having a car meet every few weeks that’s a few minutes drive from our house! More pics here, starting with the white Porsche, and some highlights below - good mix of stuff to look at these events!
  12. Jimmy Flintstone vintage modified. Just a simple curbside (trackside?) piece, but I’ve been wanting to build something like this for a while for my shelf…
  13. Thanks fellas! A little more progress… Cut some skinny strips of mask and laid down some simple pinstripes, rather than just have the body all black… Then shot black: Then peeled the masks: Then did some cleanup on the stripes (this mask that I tried isn’t quite sticky enough - need to try a something else next time…) then added a coupla three decals and shot it all with gunmetal Pearl Ex followed by Testors acrylic clear: Was going for a fantasy vintage NYPD livery - the idea of an illegal street racer in police insignia amused me… Tha
  14. That's a REALLY good tip, thanks buddy! There's plenty of jars of stuff formulated for lexan RC car bodies on eBay, but I haven't tried that over styrene so I'd prefer something I'm a little more familiar with. I'll check that out!
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