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  1. Thanks fellas! Been working on the door numbers this week... First up, cut and applied some masks: Then, Vallejo gold with a band of Createx white through the center: Then, remask: Shoot Createx black over THOSE masks: And remove masks! Need to do some little touch-ups to the black to get it perfect but that’s about what I was shooting for! More soon!
  2. Hey Danno! Those pics were from the NY Auto Show at the Javits Center one year - most years they have some interest vintage police stuff to see! I don't know for certain, but I would suspect that one's owned by, or perhaps by someone connected to, the NYC Police Museum in lower Manhattan: https://nycpm.org/ It's cool huh? From what I understand it was transport for whatever the historic equivalent of a SWAT team is! I'd like to see it run!
  3. Ohh, this is a really cool project! I like the axle that you made! I’ll be watching!!
  4. WAY cool! Love the paint, as others have said - but the whole thing is just RIGHT!
  5. There was an off-track discussion elsewhere on the forum about a current NYPD vehicle in vintage livery, which reminded me of my collection of weird'n'wonderful NYPD stuff...figured you guys might enjoy seeing some of these... NYPD Moustache livery: NYPD vintage livery: Purple Domestic Violence awareness livery: One of various "cop cabs" that they've had over the years (easily spotted because there'll be two tough looking guys in Mets hoodies sitting in the front 🤪) Rainbow livery for the Pride parade: Red livery (used for filming):
  6. If I may reply to the above about the vintage livery modern car before we get back on topic...that’s been around for a few years - it’s in parades with the vintage cars very often around the city and it was at the NY Auto show on display one year. Has been around at least 5 years, if not longer. Just a fun retro piece that seems to confuse people who never saw the old liveries...there’s a modern car in rainbow livery that they use for the gay pride parade too (I snapped a pic but it’s not relevant to Galaxies so I’ll save that for another thread...) Anyhoo Back on topic (sorry Micha
  7. They look great - I’d love to see more of how you do that next time you do! Thanks for the quick reply!
  8. Are those metal hinges? I'd love to know how you made them!
  9. I know you’re kidding...but yes, there are a few...
  10. Much as this thread has it’s share of negativity, I’m quite enjoying seeing some of the issues mentioned and figuring out the best way to fix them! Filled the hole on the firewall of mine tonight in the few minutes I had before dinner and then started working round some of the parting lines hidden in some of the crevices around the lights and trunk lid. Those creases on the top of the fenders need to be smoothed down a little (but I’d rather have too much material there so I can get them how I want them than have too little and have to add them back in) and there’s surprisingly
  11. Yep, stupid me for buying a kit that I figured I could do a nice job of building despite it’s flaws. I’m going to make a little filler piece to put in there or tweak it to look like the 1:1. Even a dimwit like me can cut a rectangle out of something I’m sure and stick it in a hole. I’m looking forward to seeing some progress on yours by the way...although I’m pretty sure you’re just trolling to get a reaction. I’m excited to see what a smarter person than me can do with this kit!
  12. That is their hobby, I think 😂 But yes, kinda sad...
  13. I tried Googling but I couldn’t find a website for Gofer - any indication of when these will be released?
  14. They did/do that with the MPC 32 kit too - you might order a Deuce and get a Beetle 😂
  15. I’ve been wanting to do an oval car for a while and I found one of the MPC Rat Trap Vega kits cheap online a couple of weeks back and couldn’t wait to dig into it: Not a super detailed kit but the examples I’ve seen build up to a decent looking replica of a vintage pavement modified - I figure I’ll do this version close to box stock (famous last words) then take what I’ve learned to do some more detailed versions down the line. Quick look at some of the main components: Used a little Bondo to straighten out some sink marks on the frame and body before primer:
  16. Hobby Lobby clearance rack find today: Last clearance kit I got said it was missing the tires too (but it wasn’t?!) - this one was missing the tires and then some. The wheels, the entire interior, the decals, the instructions...almost wasn’t worth the gamble this time around... That said I’m sure I’ll find a home for the engine, which is nicely done, and the rear end and Ive got a useful frame with front and rear suspension that I can drop some other body onto...I’ll get my $7.49’s worth out of it!
  17. Me too! This one had never been on my radar before but since I've seen it mentioned here a couple of times I'd really like one! That an the Henry J gasser are both kits that I'd like to dig into soon as they're available again
  18. Those parting lines on the fenders won’t worry me in the slightest. The real car has creases there - just gotta sand them down to where you’re happy. Pretty quick and easy fix (and they’ve gotta have the mould separate SOMEWHERE, right?).
  19. Oh yeah!! Cool!! Good thing I don’t live in Florida - didn’t even see that gator there 🐊🤪😂 Excited to see some color on this one! 😍
  20. Ahhh, that figures! I seemed to remember these having some kind of cat or gopher or stuffed bear or something too that wasn't in mine either. That would explain it!
  21. Found a little batch of old Testors clear enamel - I’ll be sad when I’ve used the last of this stuff that I can find... I normally get a couple of regular size bodies out of each of these jars though, so I’m good for probably 15-20 builds depending on what I build in the next couple of years...
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